Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Review

I noticed something as I increased my number of WIPs from one, to two, to three, then to four.  Yes, four is my self-imposed limit.  Currently.  But what I'm seeing is that I don't get very much finished.  Well, duh, you say.  It's true though, isn't it?  When we're project-hopping, the finishes just don't appear quickly.  I'm not a deadline-maker, but it would be nice to see something completed once in a while. 

So first I have "Holiest of Nights" by Homespun Elegance.  I started this one about 10 months ago thinking I would have it done for this Christmas.  Maybe if I worked on it exclusively......

Next is Prairie Schooler's "Folk Eggs", started in the spring.  I've actually made good progress on this, with only two more eggs to go after some finishing touches on the top left one.  I've found that I like stitching on black, but it attracts the cat hair like nothing else.  Especially the snowy white portion of Moxie's calico fur. 

I've barely made a dent in "Red White & Bloom" by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I know I'll finish it though.  I think this one was started around Memorial Day. 

Last but not least is "La Fleur" by Sweetheart Tree.  I'm stitching it with Weeks Dye Works color "Independence".   I think it looks cool.  Mark pronounced it "interesting".  I didn't ask him to elaborate.  This will be a pin cushion, and I already have finishing ideas for it.  So yay for me. 

Everywhere I look lately, there are so many wonderful fall and Halloween charts being stitched.  From my favorite blogs to stitching spots on Facebook, the photos of autumnal stitching are gorgeous!  So tempting, especially since I have that Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue.  My oh my, that magazine is full of cute things.  And don't even get me started on my recent stash haul.  But I think I'll stick to my limit of four and actually get a finish in before I begin a new project.  Self control, right?  That's all I need.

I need only one more follower to make 100!  Then I'll announce the details of my super-fantastic giveaway drawing!


  1. Oooh, Cathy, it looks to me like you have made the 100! Congratulations and your four WIPs are great - I really like the Folk Eggs although I always find black fabric hard to work on. Do you place a light underneath?

    Give Moxie a hug from me and Furio, please.

  2. They are great wips. I'm sure you will have a finish before you know it:)

  3. I love Folk Eggs, so cool on the black -- all your WIPS are awesome, so easy to let those get out of control

  4. I wish I only had 4 WIP's. I need some of your self control. Your 4 WIP's are all looking great.
    Happy Stitching

  5. I'm slightly relieved to see someone else that has a lower number of WIPs! I currently have two (and one of those is more like a UFO...again). Folk Eggs looks awesome on the black!