Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Sisters Get Together

Last Saturday was our July Sisters In Stitches Stitch Day, and we had a full house as all 8 of us were there.  We have a few "honorary sisters" who live in different states and who we see only occasionally, but they're still sisters.  One of these is Marti, who has just moved to Arizona and we now found out that this move is permanent.  We wish Marti the best, but already miss her.

One of the fun things about Stitch Day is, of course, seeing what everyone is working on.  These ladies are not ones to shy away from large projects!  For example:
Thea's "Magnolia" by Mystic Stitch
This photo does not do it justice.  It's truly a work of art.
Thea's collection of patriotic smalls!

Laurie's "Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler" by Needleprint
 I love the fabric and floss colors that Laurie has chosen for this.
Trish's "Faith Family and Friends" by Stoney Creek
Again you just can't see all of the beautiful detail in Trish's work.  There are blended metallic areas which sparkle so subtly!
Renee is working on a needlepoint, "Flowers In A Row" by Janlynn
What a great idea for a glasses case!  If we have to wear them, we might as well store them in something lovely that we made!
Peggy is almost finished with "Angel of Spring" by Lavender and Lace
I have to apologize for the sideways photo.  Blogger won't let me orient this the right way, but it IS the right way in my photos.  But you can still see the beautiful work that Peggy has done.
Pat's "America Sew Beautiful" by A Stitcher's Hands
Pat also brought in a framed finish!
 It's fun to see another item stitched on something different.  Pat is stitching her "America Sew Beautiful" on a tote bag.  And I just realized that I don't have the name of her framed Christmas piece, but what a great job of stitching and framing!

Sheila's patriotic hearts by Aury TM
These hearts will look good framed.  I love the tones of red and blue that Sheila used for these!

My new start:  "Quaker Star" by Bent Creek
And last but not least my newest project, "Quaker Star".  I started this while waiting for Part 2 of LHN's "Song of the Seasons".  I did finish Part 1!  I know that's a shock.
Part 2 arrived in my mailbox this week, courtesy of Marty at Stitch N Frog.  Stitch N Frog is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to order from.  I like their website a lot, they have periodic sales, and they're friendly to work with.  Since my favorite LNS closed, finding a good online place to order from is a necessity. 

I'm still having fun with this mystery sampler.  Part 2 looks like quite a few more stitches to complete, but I'm up for the task! 

It's always good to see my stitching friends at our Stitch Days.  What a wonderful way to catch up with each other while seeing our stitching progress and getting tips and hints.  The day goes so fast and I know that we all eagerly wait for the next Stitch Day!

Welcome, new followers and thank you to everyone who has left comments!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Liking This Mystery

One thing I'm finding while stitching the mystery sampler, Song Of The Seasons, is that I'm extra-motivated to stitch.  It must be because I know that another piece of the mystery is just around the corner.  The next one is released in July and then the last one in August.  It's coming along very nicely, if I may say so myself.
Or maybe I just want to "keep up" with the other stitchers who are working on this one.  I have joined a stitch along group on Facebook and it's fun seeing everyone's work in progress, or even their completed portion.  So what do you think?  Will I complete part one before part two comes out?

I really like posting the crafty work of other people who I know.  Just a couple of days ago, Sherry posted a picture of her completed cross stitch project on Facebook and I knew that I had to show it here!  Sherry is relatively new to the stitching world, but has accomplished an awesome project -- a Halloween themed Iphone cover!
How cool is this?  The chart is from the 2012 Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue.  And I learned something new:  this Iphone cover was found in the cross stitch department at Wal-Mart!  Who knew?  I'm a Wal-Mart fan, but I guess I haven't perused the cross stitch aisle in a while.  Anyway, I'd like to give Sherry a thumbs-up for a cool and creative project!

My craftiness has slowed down a bit (aside from the mystery sampler) because I'm plowing ahead with the cleaning/organizing of the craft room.  I have two more areas to work on:  the book case and the bottom of my storage cabinet.  Who knows what lurks down there?  I'm finding that a good organization effort can unearth stuff I forgot I had! 

As you saw from my last post, I joined Bloglovin.  I'm pretty sure that the whole idea of this is to put all of the blogs you read in one handy place.  Bloglovin sends you a daily feed so that you can keep up.  So Bloglovin fans, is that correct?  I have a blog, so all of the blogs I follow are listed on the right side of my blog.  But I can see how someone who doesn't blog would benefit from joining Bloglovin, especially if they follow a lot of blogs. 

I'd still like new followers to click the "Join This Site" button here on CraftyCat. I get a kick out of seeing my follower number increase, and I appreciate every one of my followers.  Thank you for all of the comments too!

Monday, July 1, 2013

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I joined Bloglovin to make it easier for my followers to follow my blog. Alrighty then.

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