Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Case Of The Missing Blogger

That would be me, star of this Nancy Drew-sounding blog post.  Where have I been?  Here!  Just doing what I always do.  Except for the fact that I haven't been doing much in the way of stitching and crafting lately.  I have been organizing the craft room though.  It's on ongoing project and I'm very happy with the results.  I'll post pictures of the awesome neatness of it all when I'm done.

Mark and I did go away for Mother's Day last weekend.  We went to the Brasstown Valley Resort in Young Harris, GA for brunch and then stayed there on Sunday night.  What a nice place, all nestled in the mountains.  We also went to the top of Brasstown Bald, which, (depending on who you talk to) is the highest mountain in Georgia.  Then a little visit to the Crane Creek Vineyard was in order.  All in all, a pleasant little trip.
Even though I haven't devoted much time to stitching, I still accomplished a little.  Or maybe a lot, because it's a finish!
Let's celebrate!  "Red, White and Bloom" is finished!  Now, to frame it or make it into a little pillow?  What do you think?

The funny thing is that I only have one project going now.  Time for a new start or two, right?

It's the end of the school year and many parents are contemplating what to get for their kids' teachers.  Sheila used her powers of craftiness to create these beautiful necklaces.
Wow, what teacher wouldn't be delighted to receive one of these? 

So that's it for now.  Coming up in future blog posts, and staying with the Nancy Drew theme:  The Craft Room Caper and The Case Of The Sneaky Stitch Starter.  OK, those probably won't be the titles of my posts, but they give you the idea of what's to come here at CraftyCat.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Artsy Fun On A Friday Night

Sheila's friend Nancy was in town last week, and we thought it would be fun to get together and do something.  We all have an interest in artsy things, with both Sheila and Nancy being pretty talented at drawing.  So it was decided that we should visit Just For Giggles, located in Milton, GA.  You might have a place like this around you.  You might remember that Sheila and I painted flags there last year. 

Friday night was a choose your own painting night, so we got to pick out whatever we wanted.  The instructor started out by drawing a light outline of key parts of the painting on our canvases and then instructed us on the technique and colors to use.  She would then walk around and let you know how you were doing and give suggestions.  Here's the result:
I'm very happy with the way my golden trees turned out, and Sheila's and Nancy's florals are so pretty!  The place was packed and there was even a group of guys there for a bachelor party!  Who knew?  They were all doing a painting of R2D2 and all I could think of was whether the bride of the groom to be was going to let him hang that in a prominent place in their home.  Pretty funny.

No flower photos this time.  I'm not going outside any time soon.  Spring schming.  It's been cold and rainy here for the better part of the week, with today being absolutely ugly.  Several people have kindly reminded me of the drought we had a couple of years ago.  I know, I know.  Just give me a couple of sunny days in the 80's once in a while and I'll be happy. 

The first thing that Mark told me as I was waking up this morning was "It's 45 degrees and raining."  And I said, "Do you realize how close that is to snow?".  Come on, May, don't disappoint me.  You're my favorite month of the year!  Maybe some pretty flowery photos later this week?  I'm crossing my fingers.  Until next time.