Thursday, December 22, 2016

December Pinterest Gifting

Each December, our stitch group, the Sisters In Stitches, has a Christmas celebration at our stitch day. We have our usual gift exchange, but it seems like everyone brings a little something to give to each one of us. It can be candy or a small gift, and is always appreciated. I love creating something for each member of the group. This year I came across a tiny beaded Christmas tree on the Fire Mountain Gems website.

The original pattern is for earrings, but I decided to make mine a simple pendant (or a very, very tiny Christmas ornament). You can find the specifics HERE.
The pattern calls for three different sizes of Swarovski Lochrose flower beads, but I used four, substituting the 10mm one on the bottom for a 12mm one. I already had some bicone and cube beads that worked well with the design, so I didn't have too much to buy.
Because this project is so easy, it's a great beginner beading project. I just threaded the beads onto a head pin and made a wire wrapped loop at the top. I am in no way an expert at making wire wrapped loops, so this was an excellent way to practice.
Everyone liked their little Christmas trees. I have worn mine several times, getting compliments on it each time. Probably because of that special Swarovski sparkliness!

BONUS! In this post, I'm also including a segment of "Other People's Creations"! Last month I received a beautiful gift from my friend Timothy. Timothy is an avid stitcher and also does cross point, which is a combination of cross stitch and needlepoint.
Just look at this pillow! It's done with the softest wool and has such pretty detail even though the stitches are bigger than most cross stitch.
It now has a place of honor on the chair in my craft room. Looks good there, doesn't it?
What a nice gift to receive! And as a crafter, I truly appreciate it because I know what goes into handmade gifts.

I hope to post again before the year is done, maybe doing a "wrap-up" post. But in the meantime, I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!