Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog Hop #8 - Choosing Favorites

I'm glad to see the Blog Hop is back!  The Blog Hop question this time is:

What has been your favorite project to stitch? (either finished or in progress)

I didn't have to think about this one for very long.  My favorite thing that I've stitched is my "Square Dance" pillow.   I found this chart in a New Stitches magazine in the 1990's, and knew right away that I had to stitch it.  It was kind of a step up for me stitchingwise because it required two different fabrics to be pieced together.  My little local cross stitch store had to special order the navy blue Aida for me.  I remember the store owner warning me that dark colors were very difficult to stitch on!  Beware!  The light fabric was a very cool product called Aida Plus, which was a stiffer, heavy duty Aida.  The designs on the navy were stitched on the large piece of fabric and spaced very carefully.  The designs on the Aida Plus were stitched and then cut apart, again very carefully and then stitched onto the navy.  Lots of measuring and counting, but so worth it.  I just love the colors in these mini floral designs.  This throw pillow sits on a chair in my family room all year round.  And I was very happy to pass this chart on to another stitcher who admired my pillow when I posted a picture of it somewhere on line (I don't remember where)!  I just love when my used charts go to good homes!

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  1. Wow! The stitching on that pillow is amazing! So beautiful.

  2. The pillow is gorgeous, and you did a beautiful job on the spacing. I can see why it is your favorite :)


  3. That pillow looks amazing! I love the colours in it.

  4. Hello
    Just found your lovely blog.

    That cushion is beautiful!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Oooh, that's a gorgeous cushion! The colors are amazing and it does look like it was a ton of fun to stitch!