Monday, February 13, 2017

Inspired By Pinterest In February

Since I started my monthly Pinterest attempt, I've learned so many new techniques and have made many fun projects. A long-ago goal of mine was to learn how to crochet things that were not square or rectangle shaped. I think I've accomplished this!

I like warm scarves even though we haven't had much need for them this winter. Well, yet. There's still time. Crocheting them was something I could do easily because they were basically one long rectangle. So for something new and different, it was time to try an infinity scarf.

I found a tutorial on Pinterest that seemed like a good place to start. The first problem came when I realized that the instructor never said what size crochet hook to use. Not good! I chose what I thought would work (I think it was a "K") and I quickly figured out that this scarf was going to be too short to double over my head in infinity scarf form. I was also unhappy with the way the "join" looked. By this, I mean where a row is completed and a new one is started.

Luckily, crochet is often easy to undo! A search for another tutorial was successful when I found Melanie Ham's Easy Crochet Infinity Scarf video on Youtube. You can find this tutorial HERE. Yay - easy-to-follow instructions and a clear view of how the scarf is made!
I used bulky yarn (another first for me) by Yarn Bee from Hobby Lobby. It's easy to work with and feels soft when worn. Melanie encourages you to make the loop (chained row one) nice and big so that you can double it easily, and even triple it around your neck if you wish. I don't know how many stitches I chained for row one, but the circumference of my completed scarf is about 76".
It's done in single crochet and I used an "N" hook. I'd like to try this same scarf using the "P" hook for a looser stitch and a slightly different look.
I am very happy with this infinity scarf and would definitely make more. It's a fun, quick project and would make a great gift. And you can achieve unique looks by using different yarns and different size crochet hooks. I will be happily be wearing this scarf until spring!


  1. Your scarf looks great Cathy.


  2. That's a nice scarf/cowl.
    Great job.

  3. Your finished infinity scarf is beautiful Cathy and I love your choice of yarn.... it can go with any colour! Christine x

  4. What a cute scarf! I love the "chunky" look of it. Congrats on learning something new.

  5. Congrats Cathy, you done a wonderful job, the scarf is beautiful!!!

  6. What a gorgeous scarf you created! Love the color and love the simple elegance.