Sunday, February 26, 2017

February WIPocalypse Post

February has been a month of very little rotation when it came to WIP stitching. That is actually okay because a lot of progress has been made on two of my works in progress!

I concentrated on stitching "Kaleidoscope" at our group's stitch day this month. One of my fellow stitchers even noticed how much I had gotten done on it.
The other project that I spent a lot of time on is the Snowflower Diaries Joyful World series. I started stitching January last January. As in January of 2016. Now I'm happy to say that the January design has been completed!
I even found a frame that will look good with all twelve designs as I interchange them monthly.
I'm stitching all of these over one on 25-count Norden Pearl linen. At first, I was a little afraid that I had taken on too much by stitching over one on this fabric. But pretty soon, I realized that it was no problem at all. The hard part comes when (or if) I have to frog. Luckily, not too much of that so far.
I was all ready to begin stitching February when I saw a suggestion from Nicole, a fellow stitcher on Facebook. She has started stitching the month of September so that she'll be able to begin displaying her finishes this year. Her reasoning is that she knows that she'll get September completed by September of this year if she starts stitching it now. Great idea! So I started June with the hope that I get it done by then and can pop it into its frame and have it displayed in well......June. And maybe by then I'll have progress made on July, then August, and so on. I'm treating all twelve months of this as one big project.
Here's the start of "June".
I did not touch any of my other WIPs this month, but am very happy to get as much done as I did on these two projects. I'm still not sure about the English Cottage Sampler. It was suggested to me that I purchase the printed chart (as opposed to using the hand-drawn one I have), which may makes things easier for me. A lot of thinking has to be done as to whether to even continue this one.

I'll also be adding a new project to my WIPs, but I'm not sure when. I received a beautiful chart for Christmas and want to start it soon. It will require a piece of fabric about 33" wide. I have to figure out what kind of fabric to stitch it on. I'll reveal the details next month.

The question of the month is: "What is your favorite stitch other than the standard cross stitch?"
That's easy. It's the French Knot. I know. You think I'm crazy, right? I don't know many stitchers who actually like these, but my mom taught me how to do these waaaaay back when. Here's a little video with instructions. Try not to get too distracted by her fingernails!


  1. I like your thinking on the Joyful World series. If I feel pressured to stitch - I don't!

  2. Awesome progress and beautiful finish Cathy. I loved the video of the french knots. They are kinda hard for me because I stitch in hand.


  3. Kaleidoscope is pretty, love all of the colors.
    The Fox is too cute.

  4. I love Kaleidoscope, the colours are beautiful! Good luck with culling your projects. I got rid of 3-4 last year and haven't regretted it once. I knew I would never finish them. Life is too short and there are too many other gorgeous things to be stitching on!

  5. Looks like you are making great progress with your WIP projects Cathy and I think it is a great idea to work on the June block so that you can display it this year. Thank you for the video link.... I quite like French knots..... were the fingernails watermelons? Very interesting choice of nail decoration!! Christine x

  6. Your frame works perfectly. Love your reasons for starting on June. Great idea for sure

  7. French Knot?!?! I avoid them at all costs because I just can not get the hang of them.

    January Fox looks great in that frame and I just LOVE your Kaleidoscope!

  8. Loved the nail polish! Hate the French Knot, but will try this technique to see if it improves my end product. All of your projects look great. Love the Joyful World pieces. Can't wait to have some time to do those.

  9. I love the french knot too and would rather do that then add beads. I can't wait to see what you are thinking about starting!! Something to look forward to next month.

  10. Great job on the Joyful World series. The Kaleidoscope project is looking lovely.