Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Few Questions For A Sunday Afternoon

As I've continued my craft room organization and decluttering this week, several questions have come up. Nothing earth-shattering, just things that have popped up while going through things.

1.  What is this for?
I found a zip lock bag with these four items in it: a piece of 25-count Jobelan in pale blue, and a skein each of DMC 3889, DMC 115, and DMC 3051. What's going on here? At some point in time I put these things in a bag for.........what? Was there a chart that went with it? Why was it so important to place it in a bag? Did I mean to kit up something? If this combination of colors/items looks familiar to you, please let me know.

2.  What should I do with this?
We received a really cool goodie assortment at Christmas and it was all packed in this basket. As soon as I saw it, I called dibs on it thinking it would be a useful addition to my craft room. The question now is how should I utilize it? It's about 21" wide, 8" deep, and 6" tall. It's very sturdy and has a cotton liner.

3.  Does DMC floss ever get too old to use?
Good question, huh? A discount fabric store near me was selling all of their DMC floss for ten cents each a while ago. All of the floss had the old-school floss tags on them, but I didn't care. Ten cents each? Load up a bagful! And I did just that. So during the floss organization portion of my project, I saw that I still have a bunch of these oldies but goodies. Does DMC floss ever "go bad"? I keep it in containers, so it's clean, and each skein still feels soft and has that DMC luster. But is there any reason why I shouldn't use them?

4.  Why are there birds on my blog? Go to the very top of my blog. Look all the way to the right. There are birds flying.....somewhere. Why are they there? Did I put them there unintentionally? I have seen them on other blogs, so I am guessing that they have something to do with Blogger. I don't know. I mean, they aren't bothering anything, and they're cute. Just look how my cat is watching them. (That was unintentional!) And at least they're not spiders or cockroaches or something. But I'm just curious as to why they're there.

That sums up my current question list. If you have guesses or suggestions for any of my queries, please comment! I'd love to hear your ideas. I'll be posting soon with more about the craft room progress and my WIPocalypse rotation. Thanks for visiting today. Check back again sometime!


  1. Some possibilities: the three colors and fabric look like something from JCS Christmas Ornaments, the basket with liner would be perfect for storing cross stitch patterns that are sold in zip-lock bags, and I don't think DMC floss goes bad, however with changes in regulatory environmental laws, some colors on new skeins no longer match the older skeins of the same number. Also, I did the English Cottage Sampler you are working on way back in the early nineties. Didn't think I'd ever get the backstitching finished but it is still one of my favorite pieces, beads and all.

  2. Well..... birds are nicer than spiders!! Threads that are cotton (or natural fibre) should klast forever shouldn't they?? Can't help you with the bag of fabric and thread!!! Maybe you shouldn't question just accept as is!!!lol!!

  3. Good questions Cathy and here goes with some answers (1) I don't know.... sorry I can't help! (2) I would display small rolled up quilts in this basket or it could potentially store skeins of wool (if you knit) or rolled fat quarters of fabric would look nice. (3) Not sure on this one... I would be careful with it, cotton can perish in time but, if it feels okay to use then why not? (4) I do know the answer to this the birds are featured on one of the Blogger templates you can choose when you customise your blog. Good luck with the rest of your tidying! Have a great week! Christine x

  4. #1. Dunno what you were thinking bagging those items...could it have been something another blogger gifted to you?

    #2. That is an AWESOME basket and if you cannot find something useful for it send it to me and I will. lol

    #3. Unless it's got dry rot your DMC if just fine. Give it a tug, does it break? I have DMC I purchased when I was 16 years old and I'm pushing 50 now.

    #4. The birds a part of your background. You can change this background by going to your dashboard and clicking on layout. But I like your birds and the cat watching them.

    I enjoy cleaning my studio and I hope you are having fun straightening your up!

  5. I can answer two of your questions. As far as I know DMC floss does not go bad. I inherited some from my Aunt that is quite old. I use it just as I would my new floss. I have found no difference. Secondly, the birds are part of one of the backgrounds that you can choose on Blogger, so I guess you must have liked them when you initially chose your background. I have lots of baskets like yours and have yet to figure out a good use for them. One is holding granny squares that are waiting to be finished.

  6. I don't think floss goes bad but, if you are working on a large project and need more than one skein buy new. The dye lots will be different.

  7. That basket would look lovely with some cross stitch smalls displayed in it!

    I love how the cat in your blog header is looking at those mystery birds. lol

  8. Hi Cathy. No clue on #1. I have some old skeins of floss like that and I do use them. Just make sure you check to see if the colors match the new skeins. If you do small pillow finishes they would look great in the basket. No clue on #4. Hope this helps.


  9. #1 almost looks like something with Christmas colors.
    #2 I would use it for small charts or maybe a basket of small finishes.
    #3 I don't think so, I also bought a bunch of floss when Walmart cleared it out.
    #4 I just think the cat likes them!

  10. 1. Christmas ornament?
    2. Store patterns, project of the moment, fabric, organize stuff of desk, rulers - great basket.
    3. Don't no, ask DMC.
    4. Birds look fine.

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