Friday, February 5, 2016

A Crochet Pinterest Project For February

This novice crocheter chose a slightly more ambitious crochet project for the February Pinterest attempt.  That would be, more ambitious for me.  It was all done in double crochet, and was a technique I've never tried.  Not a big deal for the crochet expert, but it was all new territory for me.

You'll remember from a previous post that I received some gorgeous yarn from Stephanie for Christmas.  It's a beautiful, soft, wool in a deep red.  She bought it on a trip to Ireland, so this is some pretty special yarn to me.
There is a series of crochet videos on YouTube from Fiber Flux that are so easy to follow, even I can understand what's going on.  I always thought I had trouble learning different crochet stitches, but maybe it was because I was attempting to learn them from printed material.  So thank goodness for modern technology because good clear videos make crochet a breeze to learn!

I selected the Fiona Button Scarf because after viewing the video, I knew I could do it.  It's also more of a cowl and they give instructions for two different lengths.  Plus, it's just really pretty.  The instructions call for thicker yarn, but I wanted to use my Ireland yarn.  And it worked out well.

First I had to wind that yarn into a ball.
Surprise!  Not a pull skein!  I'm positive that there was a nice, neat, organized way to do this, but I chose the road less traveled.  Yeah, it was a mess, but I owned that mess and before long it was a legit yarn ball.

And the result:
Looks a little different from the video because I used a thinner yarn.  But I like it.
And finally, me in the scarf.
I pronounce my February Pinterest project a huge success!  I love the way this turned out.  It was easy and quick to make, and it inspired me to try out some different crochet stitches.  I've already pinned more projects to do.  And there's a lot more cold winter weather ahead that will make me glad that I have this soft, cozy cowl.  Do you want to try some new crochet projects?  Then just go to YouTube, and search for "Fiber Flux".  You won't now which one to choose first!

Now I'm on to stitching.  It looks like I have a free afternoon so I can make some progress on my "secret cross stitch project". 


  1. Lovely crochet project Cathy. You did a fantastic job.


  2. This turned out perfect!!!! So pretty and the yarn make this project extra special. Thank you for sharing the YouTube site

  3. This is so beautiful! That project brings out the best in the yarn! You did a great job on it :)

  4. Love your cowl, I crocheted a similar one some time ago and will probably take your hint and add a couple of buttons to mine too!
    Have a lovely weekend

  5. Well now you did very well with that project!

  6. Love your button scarf Cathy! You have done a great job and it looks fabulous! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  7. What a lovely cowl you created, Cathy! The yarn is such a pretty color. Enjoy your weekend!