Friday, February 26, 2016

All Cross-Stitch Post

I've made a little progress on my Joyful World Stitchalong project, and on my secret project.  A secret project just isn't an interesting topic for a blog, is it?  I can't show pictures, my followers don't know what the chart is, or even know why I'm stitching it.  I like to mention it because then all of you will know that there is some stitching going on besides what I show you.  And eventually you will see what the secret is all about.

Back to my Joyful World project.  I've done a little stitching on January.  I wish that there was more to show you, but you know how it is.  What I do have stitched I like a lot.
Look!  The fox is taking shape!  And a closer look:
I've decided that I like stitching on this fabric, despite the fabric fuzz that comes through the stitches.  You can see it more in the close up photo.  From a normal distance, it can't be seen that easily.  There is a lot of this fabric, 25 count Davos, in my stash, so I could stitch all twelve designs on it.  Or I could use other 25 count fabrics in different colors.  I'm leaning toward stitching them all on this fabric, but haven't made my final decision yet.  But this is coming out cute, right?  I am still liking the tininess of it and have adjusted to stitching over one.

My stitch group, The Sisters In Stitches, had our February stitch day a couple of weeks ago.  When it comes to new stitching products and helpful ideas, I think that Thea is our go-to person.  At stitch day, she brought in a new and useful product for us to see.  Thea had been reading The Twisted Stitcher blog and came across this new-to-us stitching item there.  They're small stretcher bars and a tack kit that would be perfect for stitching small charts, in particular Christmas ornaments. 

You can see the Twisted Stitcher's pictorial on how to use these stretcher bars HERE.  As an added bonus, I received this set in our stitch group's monthly gift exchange!  Two packs of the 5" and two of the 6" bars, along with the tack kit.  I'm looking forward to using these, and may have to add an ornament project to my current stitching! 

Now on to what I like to call "Other Peoples Creations".  I am always fascinated by other crafters' talents and like to showcase them here on my blog.  My fellow stitcher, Thea, gets two mentions in this post.  She brought her latest stitched completion to stitch day.
Amazing, isn't it?  It's beautifully detailed and quite a large project.  Kudos to Thea for this lovely completion.  Sorry, I don't know the name of the chart, but if anyone out there wants it, I'll find out.

I'm glad you could visit today!  Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, and thanks to all of my followers.  If you're not a follower yet, please consider becoming one.  Come on back to visit soon! 


  1. Nice progress on your Joyful World piece. I love how tiny it looks. I think I have to get into over one stitching as well as I have a HAED piece that I want to start soon.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the secret project. Thea's work is beautiful. Thanks for the mention of the small stitching bars. I must have missed them on Twisted Stitcher.

  3. Nice progress Cathy. I will be starting those designs.


  4. Your Joyful World stitching looks great Cathy and Thea's finished piece is fabulous! Christine x

  5. Oh my, stitching over one? I don't know how you have the patience to do it! It would drive me crazy. Mr Fox is looking fab though!

  6. Well done on your projects. Those bars looks interesting, thanks for the tip
    Have a lovely day

  7. Thea's project has lovely colors, but wow it looks like it would take forever to stitch that.

  8. The fox and crow look wonderful.
    Love your friend's big Mucha project too.