Friday, October 30, 2015

October Pinterest Project: A Little Christmas In October

I'm extremely happy with the way I've been keeping up with the monthly Pinterest Project attempts.  And most of them have been successful!  I may keep this little project up in 2016.

This month, I looked ahead to Christmas.  It's always nice to do some crafty holiday things way before Christmas.  Let's be honest, if I don't have my Christmas projects done before December 1st, they're probably not going to get done.  Once December starts, the time passes like a flash until the 25th. 

So my Pinterest inspired project this month was Folded Fabric Ornaments.  I found this tutorial on Pinterest, and the creator of it is Crouton Crackerjacks who has many videos on Youtube.

Look at what I made!  It's a simple sewing project that can be done probably in about a half hour or less if you're a fast sewer and don't get distracted by things in the drawers of your craft table.  Ahem.  It's a very good tutorial, with clear instructions.  When you look at the video you may be surprised that this little square started out as a 7-1/2" circle.  It's all in the folding.

Funny story about this.  In the video, he suggests using contrasting fabrics, a light and a dark for contrast.  So I go off to Joann with a coupon in my hand, or rather, on my phone.  I'm so tech savvy.  They already had a very good selection of Christmas fabrics, so I was sure I'd find something good.  The first one I found was the off white with gold snowflakes.  I put it into my cart and looked for a darker fabric which I located quickly.  Then I saw more fabrics on the other side of the aisle!  As soon as I saw this red and gold holly leaf fabric, I grabbed it and put the other one back.  When I got home and began my fabric cutting while watching the tutorial, I realized that these 2 fabrics were the EXACT SAME ONES used on the video!  This was totally unintended!  I honestly didn't pay attention to the detail on the fabrics when I first watched the video, just recognizing that one was dark and one was light.  Wow, weird, huh?

I would pronounce this Pinterest inspired project a success.  It only required two circles of fabric, a sewing machine, needle and thread for a little hand sewing, a button or decoration for the center and some thread for a hanger.  I used a gold metallic.  And the easy to follow instructions were a plus.  I think that if I made more of these, I would get them done faster now that I have the hang of it.  I could also see doing the cutting and machine sewing of a bunch of these, and then sitting down in front of the tv to do the rest. 

So get some fabric and get sewing!  What excellent little gifts these would make!


  1. What a lovely Christmas ornament Cathy and I love the fabrics you chose! Pinterest is a great source of inspiration! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  2. Cute cute cute. Fabrics are perfect. Love the coincidence of yours and the ones on the video.

  3. What a pretty ornament. Thanks for the link.

  4. Been away from blogging for awhile - Very interest in your Pinterest Craft project -- sounds like a lot of fun... Love your Ornament

  5. That is really pretty, I think I shall have to have a go at one of those

  6. So clever & it looks lovely!! Well done :)