Monday, October 5, 2015

What's In YOUR Stitch Bag?

Prior to a Stitch Day a few months ago, I decided that my stitch bag needed a good cleaning out and organizing.  After emptying it out, I found that I didn't have too many extra things that I didn't "need" in it, like non-stichy items.  I also discovered that I carry a LOT of stitch stuff when I take my stitching somewhere.  Here's the bag itself.

I sewed this bag with help from a tutorial from Colorfool Creates.  I've changed the dimensions and added inside pockets and a button closure.  I think I've made a half dozen of these for friends.  So this one is my designated stitch bag, unless for some reason I have to carry more "necessities". 

Current projects are kept in these zippered Alvin bags.  That's really the name of them.  Just Google "Alvin bags" and you'll find them.  They come in all different sizes and are pretty reasonably priced. 

Another kind of project keeper is this one that I got as a gift.  I think this kind of keeper is available at office supply stores.  They're a little more sturdy and less bendable than the Alvin bags and expand a little to hold more stuff.  Both are good storage for WIPs.

My small zippered bag is another thing I sewed and its basic construction is from this tutorial by Luann Kessi.  As you can see, I again changed the instructions a bit to make a bag that would fit my needs.  Inside I keep a magnetic credit card size case to hold important items like Lift-N-Snip scissors (for frogging), a Star Detailer, a pair of Clover Tweezers, my Snag-Nabit and extra needles.  There are some scissors in there too.  The Clover tweezers are the best thing for pulling an errant strand of cat hair out of your stitching.  I'm the only one who has to do that, right?

Let's see, there's also a tape measure, a needlecase, some extra bobbins, another pair of scissors a couple of needle minders, and two (not one, oh no) small lights in case I have to stitch during a power outage. 
Oh look.  There's more!  A needle threader, strawberry pincushion, Thread Heaven, a bobbin ring,  yet another pair of scissors and a magnetic thing for locating lost needles.  And a tiny Alvin bag to keep them in. 

AND a spring hoop and a magnifier.  I haven't needed the magnifier since I got a new pair of glasses last year.  But you never know.
Looks like a lot of stuff, but everything fits nicely in my stitch bag.  Yay me.  Now I'm all packed up and ready to go to Stitch Day this Saturday!

Soooooo, am I carrying around an excessive amount of stitching items?  Or is it reasonable for going to Stitch Days where I can't just go home and get something I need?  What do you carry in your stitch bag?  Just the bare necessities: a WIP and some scissors?  Or all the stitching supplies you'll need for every eventuality? I'm pretty happy with my stitching setup, but am curious as to what other stitchers do! 

Oh, and another thing:  DO NOT carry chocolate in your stitch bag.  I don't care if it's wrapped.  Don't do it!  I learned that lesson the hard way.  

Thanks for visiting my blog!  See you soon!


  1. Your bag is so pretty and useful. I just carry mine in a quilt bag where my laptop goes in too. You're so organized, I put my things in ziploc bags of different sizes, thanks for tue info on alvin bags, will look it up! I too carry a measuring tape wherever I go, I store dimensions of different projects on my phone just in case I see a nice frame or fabric:) Happy stitching!

  2. I love your stitch bag Cathy and it was a lot of fun to see what you keep in it! They all looked like good essentials to me..... I daren't empty mine out!!! LOL Christine x

  3. Alvin bags! Who knew? I see a lot of the same things in my stitching bag. I don't have needle threaders - yet. I don't have one of those telescoping magnetic things which is a fabulous idea. I do have a travel packet of tissues, a couple of bandaids a day a roll of lifesavers. I am heading out to as stitching weekend and now think I need to empty my bag to see what's in it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I carry a lot of the same stuff in my stitching bags. I carry so much sometimes, that I take 2 stitching bags with me to get togethers! Even, occasionally, 3 bags (1 for large projects).

  5. I really like your stitching bag and the blue fabric you used. I have 2 stitching bags -- a VB Vera bag (for stitch group day or stitching Saturday at the cross stitch shop or stitching at my Mom's) and a VB Miller bag (for stitching retreats or travel). My Miller bag is currently packed and ready to head off to a stitching retreat.

    Robin in Virginia

  6. This is a lovely useful bag and such pretty fabric. I think I might try and make something similar for when I have a stitchy meeting with friends.