Friday, November 13, 2015

Catch-Up Post!

Time to catch up so you can see what I've been doing.  First of all, you know how I like to make beaded jewelry, right?  I saw a very pretty bracelet online and decided to recreate something like it.  It contained some jewelry findings that I'd never seen before.  These tube beads gave a really cool look to the bracelet, so I was off on a mission to find them.
And here it is.  I found the silver tube beads in different sizes at Beadaholique.  All of the other beads were found in my stash.  I used two of the tubes on each side, strung on their own piece of jewelry wire.  Then for the center section, I threaded the two wires through every bead. 
You can also use one tube with nice results.  When the bracelet is worn, the tubes lie one on top of the other. 
This was a fun project.  Quick and easy to make and I'm very pleased with the finished product!

I'm also still working on Kaleidoscope, although I may take a break to stitch some Christmas ornaments.  It's coming along well!
See? Actual progress!
My next project wasn't so crafty, more like a necessity.  I have some jeans that were just too long.  Even with my highest heels (not all that high, I'll admit), they dragged on the ground and got soaked with all of this rain we've had.  I saw a new hemming idea on Pinterest and decided to attempt it.  It actually may not even be new, but I've never seen it.

Basically hemming the jeans this way saves the original hem, with the orangey/gold/brown thread.  That's left intact, while some fabric just above the top of the original hem disappears.

This is what they look like when they're done. You can hardly see the repair from this angle, which is handy because this is the angle you and anyone else is going to see your jean's hems.  And who looks at other peoples' jean hems?  I mean, really.  But looking at them from the other angle is a different story.  I think that another steam press may help that.
Oh well, who cares?  They're now at a length that won't allow them to drag in the rainwater and get frayed and all that.  I personally don't like rolling them up - too bulky and uncomfortable.
This is how they're finished on the inside.  Nice and neat.  If you're interested in trying this, you can find the instructions HERE.

Just a note about my November Pinterest project.  I found something perfect to make, but am having problems at every step!  It includes an item that "can be found at your local crafts store".  Not so much.  I had to order it online.  THEN the device that was going to make a step of this project quick and easy decided to break.  I believe it is non-fixable.  Is all of this going to stop me? NO!  I will forge ahead with great success!  I'm just not sure when it will appear in a post here after all of these roadblocks.  Just stay tuned.  It will be worth it!


  1. What a beautiful bracelet -- WOW.... Thank you for sharing...You almost made it sound easy to make -

  2. Love, love, love you bracelet Cathy.... just my style and colour! Great progress on Kaleidoscope too! I think the hem looks really good... no-one is going to notice that! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  3. Lovely bracelet and lovely stitching. Like the way you shortened the jeans too.

  4. Your new bracelet is gorgeous and very striking, Cathy! Kaleidoscope is looking good; I really like the colors in this piece. Enjoy your weekend!