Monday, May 25, 2015

Resolution Review Time & A Neater Craft Room

Back in January, I made some resolution-type goals to follow in the crafting area of my life.  The year isn't quite half over, but I think it's a good time to review those goals and see how successful I am.

The first one was to finish some WIPs, and I haven't done that as of yet.  I have worked on some of them though and am happy with that bit of success. 

I also planned to stitch a Christmas ornament every month, but thought it would be better to amend that to every other month.  Two have been stitched so far, and I have kitted up the third!  Yay!  Success!  Going along with this goal was to try out different ornament-finishing techniques.  I haven't gotten to this yet.

Another resolution that has not been successful as of yet is learning to do some different crochet stitches.  BUT I did find a cool Facebook page called "Starting Chain" which has videos of different stitches.  Nice clear instructions and totally doable.  Gives me some inspiration and confidence to succeed at this one!

And what about the Pinterest project goal?  Am I the queen of that or what?!  I have managed to create a Pinterest-inspired each month of this year so far!  Look for more of these posts.

I have also been extremely successful with the craft room cleaning resolution!  It is now completely organized.  I went through stuff and did a purge of unneeded supplies.  Yes, I still have the box of pine cones.  Don't laugh.  I labeled boxes and containers and put items in their rightful places.  Now I know where everything is.
The closet.  Now I know what's in there!
Why didn't I do this sooner?
More awesome organization in the armoire.
Makes me want to go in there and create something!
An old bookcase is perfect for display and organizing materials.
The spool holder.  I just got a second one installed today.
Added a little "pretty" in the way of a colorful window valance.
So I'd say that the resolution to get organized was a complete success.  Now I just have to keep it that way.  Or somewhat that way.   I am finding that I do find things quicker, which makes crafting more pleasant and fun.  If I only have an hour to work on something, I'd rather spend that hour working on something than searching for something I need. 

The spool holder:  If someone had asked me a couple of months ago how many spools of thread I had, I would have guessed 25 or so.  This spool holder holds 60 - count 'em 60! - spools of thread.  And I have overflow.  Hence the installation of a second one.  Thank goodness for Joann's coupons!

I knew I wanted a bright and colorful valance and went back to and found this happy fabric.  It was quick to sew and I enlisted the help of Mark to install the curtain rod just today!  I think I'm done sewing window treatments for a while.

Thanks for putting up with this wordy and extremely picture-heavy post.  I hope that you liked the little virtual tour of my craft room.  Visit again soon for some more crafty fun.


  1. Cathy, It looks wonderful. Love the desk/table! You should be able to do some mighty fine creating there!

  2. I am envious of your neat and organized crafting area. Mine is a disaster! I did buy boxes for the linen thinking of storing it by count size.

  3. Wow, you made a daunting task look easy. It's so neat! I hope i find time and will to organize even just a drawer.

  4. What a luxury to have your own craft room!!! And one that is so organized as well:) Well done! And one never knows when one might need a pretty pine cone:) My 'craft room' is one giant pile in the living room and several boxes spread out all over my tiny flat...

  5. Congratulations Cathy! You seem to be making progress on all your resolutions and, your craft room organisation is fantastic! Hope to see lots of projects now!!! :) x