Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Gifts Are Revealed

A few posts ago, I talked about making gifts that I couldn't show pictures of -- yet.  They were for the members of my stitch group and were specially made for our stitch retreat.  The Sisters In Stitches meet every month for a stitch day and we always have a gift exchange.  It's a tradition that we would never want to give up.  So when it was time for our spring retreat, we planned our usual fun exchange.  For the occasion, I made a tote bag.
Pat was the recipient of this colorful bag.  It was lined in pink and has two pockets inside and a button closure.  The fabric also had a little sparkle to it.  It's just the right size for a few stitching projects and necessities.

Occasionally I like to make something for the members of my stitch group.  Recently I learned how to make little zippered bags.  I had a lot of fabric remnants left over from making tote bags, so my plan was to stitch up a bunch of bags.  I didn't realize that zippers are so weirdly expensive.  So I did a little research and found a great deal on Amazon - 25 zippers in a rainbow of colors for a very small price!  After a little matching and color coordinating, this is what I came up with.
A little special touch.  I found these cute charms on Etsy.
My fellow stitchers were surprised and delighted!  These little bags can be used for stitching supplies, a very small project, makeup, or just as a little bag in your purse to keep small stuff organized.  I hope that everyone enjoys using this little keepsake of our retreat. 

See?  I told you that my sewing machine got a major workout during the past month or so.  I had fun making these bags and will make some more in different sizes.  What a great use for fabric remnants!


  1. Absolutely darling. You made your own rainbow!

  2. Where did you find the pattern for these. I'm looking for a pattern for bags like these. Or did you just figure it out yourself?

    1. Monica, I used this blog as a general guide. I didn't do the quilting (although it is lovely).

  3. Love the bags!! And thanks for the link! I don't sew much, but might for these!!

  4. Wow! You have ben busy :)
    So pretty and colorful, well done!!