Monday, May 12, 2014

Three Weeks Worth

Let's see.  During the past three weeks, I've celebrated a birthday and turned f am now a year older.  I actually have a new cross stitch start, have had my work schedule changed, and attended a Stitch Day.  Although my lack of blogging may make it look like I'm a slacker, I am indeed not!  It has also magically turned into spring in the Atlanta area.  Yay.

My new start is Just Nan's "Jasmine Mix", something totally different from any other WIPs I've got going.
It's small, very detailed and uses a ton of colors.  A nice change of pace from what I've been stitching lately. 

Mother's Day was a low-key celebration.  Mark took me out to lunch, which was no easy feat.  We started out by trying for a late breakfast/brunch.  Ha ha ha!!  Right!  All of our favorite breakfast places had crowds of hungry-looking people standing around outside.  By the time we figured out that breakfast was out of the question, it was lunchtime. 

After a quick stop at Trader Joe's, we went to an area antique mall, where Mark patiently followed me around and didn't make too many snarky comments about some of the stuff on display.  I'll admit that I made probably an equal number of snarky comments, as it's very easy to be amused by some of the old-timey wares.  My eye was drawn to a glass bowl full of small sand dollars.  I picked it up and wondered out loud what I could make with these.  Mark told me to buy it and then decide, and I quickly took his advice.  After all, it was a bargain!
Most of these sand dollars are quarter to half-dollar sized.  There are some larger ones and some very tiny.  Now the question (that I still haven't answered) is:  What can I make out of these?  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave them in a comment.  I think they're beautiful just as they are, but since I have so many, it might be fun to use them in a crafty way.

I also picked up a ceramic flower frog.  I have two glass ones that I put on the top of bowls and use to hold scissors.  This is the first time I've seen a ceramic one, also at a very good price!
It's a pretty turquoise color, isn't it?  I don't have enough scissors to fill it.  I don't know if I ever will, but it will stay in the craft room where it can just be pretty all by itself.

So help me solve my sand dollar conundrum. Let me know what you think!


  1. Sand dollars are so pretty. I like the ceramic frog too. A very unusual color.

  2. Love your sand dollars, Cathy - did you ever get your lunch?

    1. Yes, we did have a lovely lunch at a restaurant we've never tried before. And we didn't even have to wait!

  3. Love your stitching and the sand dollars!

  4. I'm wondering if you can softly tint some of the dollars with food die in water. I'd try one and let it dry. If it works I think they would look pretty just set on a table.
    I love your needlework, and it's always fun to work on something a little different than what we normally do. I love the colors in it! Great job.

  5. What about a wreath using your sand dollars? Glad you were able to have a nice lunch!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Years ago my Mom had some really pretty little pastel soaps that looked like sand dollars. She displayed them in a pretty jar in the bathroom. Not sure if they are paint-able or not. Otherwise, maybe some jewelry items?

  7. I have never seen these sand dollars before. What are they? They look very interesting but I have no idea what I would do with them!

    Jasmine Mix is lovely and I have that pattern in my stash. Not surprisingly LOL

  8. Happy Birthday (a little late)! I love the frog, it is a great color.