Friday, February 21, 2014

Dusting Off The Sewing Machine

As you may or may not know, last week the Atlanta area experienced its second major snow/ice event of the winter.  The big bonus for me was a couple of unexpected days off.  Not one to waste a free day by watching bad Lifetime movies and eating junk, I made the decision to work in the craft room.  OK, I'll come clean.  I HAVE wasted a few quite a few days off watching bad Lifetime movies and eating junk.  But last week, as I watched the snow fall from the safety of my cozy craftroom, I completed a couple of sewing projects.

I've been wanting to try my hand at stitching up a zippered project bag.  I found some good basic instructions for one on LuAnn Kessi's blog.  Over the last couple of years I've collected lots of pretty fabric remnants from the tote bags I've made.  My goal is to create something from these remnants, and little project bags would be just right.  So I followed the instructions for sewing the bag.  You'll notice that I didn't do the quilting part, even though I think the quilted finishes on her blog are gorgeous.  I'm just not a quilter, but I love seeing other crafters' quilt finishes.  Anyway, I chose a cool brown print and a coordinating polka dot fabric for the lining. 
A fun, easy project that goes together quickly.  And a great use for all of those nice fabric pieces that I have.  I'll definitely be making more of these now that I have the hang of it.  More zippers are on my shopping list.

I also made another little ort container and matching scissor fob for a gift. 
I love these colors, and was happy to find that I had beads that matched the fabric exactly!  I'm glad to say that the recipient was delighted with these!  Another good use for fabric remnants, don't you think?

Thank you to all of my followers who have left kind and encouraging comments on my posts.  And thank you to my new followers!  I'm getting closer and closer to that 200 follower mark.  Hmmmm, do you think I should have a "200 Follower Giveaway"?  I'll have to think about that!

So I think I used my snow day pretty well.  I just need some more snow days.  No, I take that back.  No more snow, please!  I have to figure out how to get some snow days without the snow. 


  1. Good use of a snow day. It's a win win. Day off and day of accomplishments. Really love the fabric combinations and the pretty matching scissors fob. I am definitely going to check out LuAnn kessi's blog.

  2. Those are great colors. I especially love the green/blue/brown.

  3. Brilliant work. I love the little ORT container in particular, it's wonderful!

  4. I love the colour combinations you chose - gorgeous! Now I am going to check out that blog you mentioned.