Monday, January 13, 2014

My Lonely Craft Room

I've worked at making my craft room as comfortable, user-friendly and welcoming as possible and I think I've succeeded.  But there's one thing missing and that is me.  Look how sad and lonely my craft room is.  I think I can hear crickets chirping.  Over the past 2 months several things have prevented me from getting crafty.  Those are:  working extra hours, being sick, and the holidays.  Excuses, excuses, right?

The really bad thing is that if I turned around and took a picture of the opposite wall, you'd see a book case (used for storage and pretty display) that is crammed with stuff that I just stuck there.  You'd find gift bags, my fabric wreath, magazines, framed holiday cross stitch which should be stored properly, and an assortment of miscellaneous items.  Do you like how I just photographed the neat side?

Maybe I haven't been TOTALLY idle.  I made a pretty tote bag for a Christmas gift.  Now that it's been given, I can show you.
This past weekend was Stitch Day for the Sisters In Stitches.  I worked on another gift that I can't show anyone just yet, but will soon.  But I did have a small finish during the holiday time:  "Cardinal Winter" by LHN.
Now that life is back to normal, I am enjoying getting back to stitching and planning my next project.  And I plan to get back into that craft room soon to try my hand at turning a tiny stitched project into a greeting card.  I also have an ongoing painting project that has been sorely neglected.  Happily it's in the home stretch so when I do get back to it, it will be a short time before it's completed. 

But first, I think I should do some serious cleaning up of my craft room mess and get a little organized. 


  1. Your craft room is ever so pretty! At least you know all that crafty stuff will still be waiting for you when you have the time again :)

  2. Love your craft room, hope you can get in there soon and have some fun crafting!

  3. You definitely weren't idle, this bag is just lovely and you also have a stitching finish. I hope you will soon find the time to get back to your craft room and get busy in there.

  4. You are loaded in for the GYB party - see you there!