Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last Post Of 2012

I think this Christmas season could be described as a whirlwind, speeding by so quickly.  Where did the month of December go?  I ask that question every year.  Our December was crammed full of fun activities, visits and visiting, and eating.  Very little baking was done - just a batch of cheese straws for a work party.  That's it.  And maybe that's a good thing. I figure that there's plenty of time for baking during the winter months ahead.  Unless the scale objects, that is.

I finally sat down and stitched this week, so "Holiest of Nights" is almost completed!
Just a little more border and it will be done.  Just in time for Christmas......of 2013.  But there you go.  I'll admit that I got stuck on this one for a while.  The many stitches of "Straw" which covered the ground in this chart made me yawn a little.  But after I got started on the little figures, I was more motivated. 

One stitching-related thing that I'm looking forward to participating in during 2013 is a Facebook group I've joined.  It's called Xstitch For Those Impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  Some kind ladies started this group with the intention of gathering stitchers from all over to create squares which will eventually be sewn into quilt hangings.  The quilts will then be given to parents, siblings and other relatives of those impacted by this tragedy.  The plan is also to create one (or more) quilt to hang in the school.  Many of the members signed up to participate in a quilt for a specific child or teacher, but others (like me) just want to create stitched squares to be placed where needed.  When I first signed up, there were about 125 members, and that number has grown to 455 when I last checked.  So if you're on Facebook and would like to participate, check out the link I've provided.  You'll find all of the specifics there, along with links to charts that would be suitable for this project.  You can use any chart or design you want, as long as it fits into the size limits.

I've seen other stitchers list their stitching resolutions for 2013.  As of right now, I don't have any specific stitching goals for the new year, but I could probably come up with a few eventually.  I'll have to think about that!  So, do you have any stitching resolutions?

I hope that you all have a very Happy New Year!  May 2013 bring good things to you!

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