Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All I Want For Christmas.....Stitchingwise

During this time of year, when we're all doing our best to find the perfect present for someone, Blog Hop #13 turns the tables and asks ME what I want.

The holidays are right around the corner and gift exchanges are happening everywhere you look. If an amazingly magical Stitchmas Santa were to fly overhead and bring you one stitching wish, what would it be? 

In general, I have pretty much everything I need -- good health, a home I love, a good husband, a smart and talented son, family, friends.  And I know that I'll be with family and friends during the Christmas season.  Yes, that's important to me.  But this question asks what Stitchmas Santa should bring me!  Ahhhh, that's an easy one.

As you may have seen from previous posts, I have enough stitching supplies to last a lifetime.  However there is one stitching wish that I have -- a location for our stitch group to meet.  You see, we had the ideal one which we loved, but circumstances made that one not possible anymore.  This new location has to be appropriate for the number of stitchers in our group, centrally located, inexpensive and accessible.  Stitchmas Santa, are you listening?   I do believe that he'll come through for us.  And that's it.  That's all I need.  In the meantime, the Sisters In Stitches will not give up looking for a place, and we'll gladly open our homes until we find one.

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  1. How fun that you have a Stitching Group!! I sure hope you find the perfect location!!

  2. I agree with Kasey :)
    Gorgeous blog Cathy

  3. Good one! I'd love to part of a stitching group in my area.

  4. Me too! I don't know enough stitchy friends that live close by to do that. But I did join a knitting group. We met at the local public library. It was free, plenty of room, and easy to get to. I would bring my cross stitch and they would bring their yarn, and it was always a good time. Maybe you can look into that!