Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Start And Some Acquisitions

Remember how I wanted to add to my WIP's to make my magic number of three projects?  I decided on "Seasonal Sampler" by Bent Creek.  My friend Lori gave me the chart a while back and I've had it kitted up for quite a while too.  Wanting to stitch something different, I thought this would be just the ticket.  The fabric is 10 count Tula in Country Mocha and the floss is Perle Cotton.  I don't think I've ever done an entire project in Perle Cotton, so this is a departure from the norm!  The result is stitches that have a very chunky look.  And the chart is so cute.  I do like stitching things having to do with seasons and months, so I'm really enjoying this.  My fellow stitcher, Thea, remarked that she was also a fan of seasons, so I'll pass this chart to her when I'm done.
Last Saturday was Stitch Day at The Stitch Store.  I hadn't been in a while, so this was a real treat to see our stitch group again.  It's always good to see what other stitchers are up to - very inspirational.  Also, we all had to agree that a positive thing about meeting and stitching was the affirmation we receive when we show off our completed (and in-progress) projects.  I'll try to remember my camera next time to get some photos of the beautiful work our group does.

I did get some straightening done in the craft room this week.  All of the Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon are put away, as are the boxes and bags I stashed there.  There is still a lot of organization to do.  I'll get to it.  And then there is the chart collection.  I figured out how many actual charts (not freebies) that I have and I'm somewhat embarrassed.  But that's as far as I got.  The next step is to go through them.  See how I have to do this in steps?

There's a very cool antique show that is held at a local exposition center every month.  Did I mention that it's local?  It's within about 5 miles of my house.  Plus, they always have a spectacular selection of lovely things to buy.  A little dangerous?  Why, yes it is.  I don't go every time, but when I do, I usually come home with something fun.  And useful too!  Here are some craft room goodies I bought last month.

The pink glass flower frog fits a little bowl I already had and makes a good (second) scissor holder.  I don't have a scissor problem.  Really.  The  cats in a row is actually a wall hanger.  I still have to decide where to put it.  And the little bunny is just cute and looks good on the craft table.  And this tiny box of Shiny Brite ornaments is really a little pin.  Some extremely talented crafter copied a real Shiny Brite box and then shrunk it down to create a teeny-tiny box, just big enough for some Mardi Gras bead ornaments.  So cute and clever!

So I've had a good start to the year, crafting and stiching-wise.  Also organizing-wise.  And that scrapbook has been on my mind lately.  Maybe this will be the year that I actually finish it!

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    You have done some gorgeous stitching. I really love the JOY one you did - very pretty.

    You have a new follower! x