Monday, January 23, 2012

More Progress, TUSAL, And A Rainy Day Treat

After the past week or so of spotty internet service, I'm taking the opportunity to post while the posting is good.  First of all, let me proudly display my ort jar for the TUSAL I'm taking part in.  Amazing how those little threads accumulate!  For more information, read about the TUSAL on this post on Daffycat's blog.

Next is my progress on "Seasonal Sampler".  If I knew how much I was going to like this project, I would have stitched it up sooner.  This has been the perfect stitching project to start after not stitching for a while.  Not too much left to do on it. Fun, just fun.
What do you get when you combine a gloomy, rainy day with a day off from work?  Some housework, bad TV and this:
Who knew that skim milk could froth up like that?  I'm becoming more of a coffee fan lately.  And it was delicious.

OK, I'm not going to tempt the fates much longer.  My internet connection could go poof at any time, so I'm going to make this post a short one.  I guess I'll just have to stitch and maybe watch some more bad TV.


  1. So cute! And I love a good cup of coffee. It's something I like to treat myself to once in a while :)

    Enjoy your bad TV! It's the best for stitching!