Saturday, March 31, 2018

March WIPocalypse!

I'll be honest and tell you right off that I ignored most of my WIPs for the last couple of months. I am so focused on finishing "Christmas Sentiments" by Stoney Creek. It's like I have tunnel vision when it comes to stitching. When I think about doing some cross stitch, that's pretty much the only pattern that comes to mind. Well, except for a new start.

But the good news is that I am so close to finishing! Yay! This is a big chart for me so it's a major accomplishment.
All I have left is the bottom border and the beading. That's it!
The beads go in the red parts of the tree and in the middle of the poinsettias, as well as in the border. I chose some gold glass beads and gold metallic beads that were already in my bead stash. No beads on it yet, but you'll see them soon.
My plan is to have it totally finished by the end of April. Think I can do it?

For some reason I thought I needed to start something new. I've been stitching the Joyful World charts by Snowflower Diaries very slowly. I decided to start "July". So "Christmas Sentiments" wasn't my only project lately.
Cute, right?
I'm stitching it one over one on 25 count Celadon green Jobelan. The top picture represents the color a little better. I really enjoy one over one stitching on 25 count. Those tiny stitches are so cute. I do think that the baby flamingo's eye needs to be a little bit smaller. I got carried away with my French knot. Ha ha.

So that sums it up for my WIP rotation this month. Not exactly stellar, but I am enjoying stitching what I stitch. And that's the important thing.

For more info about the WIPocalypse, please click HERE to go to Measi's Musings WIPocalypse info page.


  1. Cathy, your Christmas Sentiments stitch is gorgeous. I will be here cheering you on to its finish. The flamingos are adorable. As long as your stitching brings you pleasure, you should work on what you want. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Christmas Sentiments is beautiful.
    Such vibrant colors.
    Love those Flamingos!
    Have a great Easter!

  3. What a pretty, pretty piece Cathy. Yes, you most definitely will have it finished by the end of April! :D July with the flamingos are one of my favorite months in the series.

  4. Cathy, I can see why you put the Christmas stitch at the top of your list, it must be a joy to work on it. I love everything about this lovely stitch.

  5. Christmas Sentiments is so pretty! I just love those trees and how they put in the birds decorating them! Good luck with your goal of finishing it this month.

  6. Wow....Your Christmas Piece is so beautiful...the colors are so pretty. I dearly love this.

    Your Flamingos are so cute and so adorable looking...awwww...

    Happy Stitching XX

    Linda K, Buttercup

  7. Are you done yet?! It looks fantastic!
    July looks adorable. I need to start mine again, I think I'm on Sept.

  8. Your Christmas project is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see it finished on the April WIPocalypse update! ;-)