Saturday, February 3, 2018

January WIPocalypse

It's a little late; so what else is new? I've got a good excuse though. I've been working extra hours and it's cutting into my stitching/blog posting/crafting time. But what are you gonna do?

This year I am once again participating in the WIPocalypse, a cross stitch project rotation SAL organized by Melissa at her blog, Measi's Musings. I found this SAL so helpful last year for staying on course with all of my cross stitch projects that I knew I wanted to join in the fun again.

I have managed to get some stitching in however, and have even done a bit of project rotation. A bit. You'll see.

Some stitches were placed into a new project, Country Cottage Needleworks' Forest Snowfall.
This is a very pretty chart, and I started it with all of the intentions of being in the Priscilla and Chelsea SAL, but I'm pretty sure that 98% of the stitchers participating are completely finished with theirs. That's fine. I'll get into why later. But I have to say that I LOVE this fabric. It's 28-count Jobelan in Winter Wishes by Fabrics by Stephanie. Stitching on this fabric is like stitching on butter. Seriously.

Next, I got started on the Frosty Forest series, also by Country Cottage Needleworks. So cute.
This one is being stitched on 32-count Belfast Linen in pearl gray. The color is nice, but linen is not my favorite thing to stitch on. It's stiff and scratchy. I keep thinking that I should put this in a Rolaframe instead of using a hoop. But that takes energy.

I made some progress on Christmas Sentiments by Stoney Creek.
Oh, now I see a place on the left tree that I missed. I am still enjoying stitching this chart. 

And finally, I started on my Linen and Thread Mystery Sampler (2017). 
That's a pretty good start, but that January section is big. I'm sticking with it though and am very pleased with myself for my color selection. 

The needle minders are new to my collection and are from SewMuch2Luv on Etsy. Aren't they adorable?

And that is all that I've accomplished this month. You know, I should be very happy with what I've done considering all of my complaining about my reduced stitching time!

Question of the month: What SALs are you participating in this year? And if you are participating in the Olympic stitching challenge (see Measi's Musings January Check-In for info.), what challenge are you accepting? What are your goals?  
The WIPocalypse is the only SAL I'll be participating in this year. I've decided that I'm not a traditional SAL kind of stitcher. I stitch very slowly and will never be able to keep up with anyone else. I do like to hear about SALs though because I have found some very cute things to put on my stitching wish list. But anything that has an ending date is not for me. I do like the idea of the Olympic challenge however, but haven't decided which I'd like to do. I will be watching the Olympics and I will be stitching, so I'll probably choose one of them (most likely the Rotation Relay) and see what happens.

As always, thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope to get more stitching in before I check in at the end of February and I even think I may have a new start before then! Do I need that? Ha ha ha! No, but I want to stitch all the things!


  1. I think you made super progress on your stitch projects. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish during February. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Your WIP progress is great, especially with work...I hate when work gets in the way of what's really important, LOL.
    I adore the blues and gold that you have chosen for the Mystery SAL...gorgeous together! Everything is so pretty.
    Your needle minders are so fun...I love treats and needle minders just fit the bill without breaking the bank.
    I look forward to watching your progress. Have a great weekend!

  3. Cute projects.
    Christmas Sentiments is looking pretty.
    Love your color selection for the L&T SAL.
    The only SAL I am participating in is the Little Stitcher Halloween SAL.
    I love some of the others, but know I wouldn't keep up.
    This one is also at your own pace.
    Have a great week!

  4. Cathy I love all of the stitching you have done and in particular I really love the Christmas sentiments. The colors are fantastic. Thanks for the info on the fabric...sounds great stitching through butter Keep up the good work. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  5. Beautiful stitching Cathy! I love your Christmas Sentiments piece!