Sunday, January 7, 2018

January WIPocalypse - A Fresh New Year!

I'm back with my 2018 kickoff WIPocalypse post. I participated in the 2017 WIPocalypse with good results. At least, I think they are. You can see my 2017 finishes HERE. I felt more motivated to stitch, but at the same time not rushed or feeling that I was in a race with anyone. Please check out the Measi's Musings blog for more information about the WIPocalypse. And I'd like to thank Melissa for organizing this.

I'm Cathy, and I've been stitching since about 1980. Yeah, a long time, right? Cross stitch has come a long way since then with so many choices of charts, fabrics, and fibers. I really never totally stopped stitching since then, just slowed down a few times. I am now stitching more than I ever have, and am also finding the finishing process just as fun and interesting as the stitching part!

Last year brought a new stitchy challenge for me - I joined the Flosstube community. For those of you who aren't familiar with Flosstube, it's a community of stitchers on YouTube. Just go to YouTube and search for "Flosstube" and you'll have a lot of fun and informative videos to choose from. On Flosstube, I'm CraftyCat Stitcher. I hope to put up my first 2018 video soon.

I have a few WIPs going on that I'd like to either finish or make progress on this year. The first is "Tulip's Praise" by Gracewood Stitches.
I'm stitching this on 18-count white evenweave, although I don't know exactly the name of the fabric. I have maybe a quarter of it completed, but the fabric is rolled up into the RolaFrame so that it's not visible at the moment. I don't know if I'll finish this in 2018, but I plan to make some progress on it.

Next is "Rainbow Row" by Barbara & Cheryl. This is a major project for me. It's huge and calls for about 60 colors. I'm using all DMC and stitching it on 32 count antique white Jobelan, 2 over 2.
I'm working on it one page at a time, and am liking it. It's very detailed and will be amazing once finished. Again, I have serious doubts about finishing this one this year, but will keep on enjoying stitching it.

"Christmas Sentiments" by Stoney Creek is one that I will definitely complete during 2018.
It's being stitched on 28-count lambswool Jobelan, 2 over 2. The threads are a combination of Weeks Dye Works, Threadworx, and DMC Perle cotton. There is also some beading on it. My hope is to have this all framed and ready to hang next Christmas.

Let's go on to my Thanksgiving project, "Be Ye Thankful" by the Cricket Collection.
I started this project at some point maybe a few years ago, but forgot about it. I have no idea why. Then this year, I found it in my craft room closet and resumed stitching it. I would love to have this completed this year! The fabric is 28-count, but I'm not sure of the name. I'm using all DMC, 2 over 2.

This little Mill Hill kit, "Scaredy Cats", is one that I started just before Halloween this year.
Mill Hill kits are a fun departure from my normal "fabric-based" projects. I have a little way to go before I can start the beading process.

My last WIP is "Light Upon The Lawn" by Blackbird Designs. I love the color combination in this one.
I'm stitching it on 28-count fabric that I tea and coffee dyed myself. After dyeing it, I noticed that the fabric "relaxed" so that the stitches were larger than they would normally be on 28-count fabric! So I went to plan B and started stitching 2 over 1 with good results.

That's it for the current WIPs. I'll definitely be adding at least three more projects in the next month or so. I've had Country Cottage Needleworks "Frosty Forest" kitted up for a few years now.
I'll be stitching them all on one piece of 32-count pearl gray linen and using all DMC. I've seen photos of this completed and it's so adorable. I'm looking forward to getting started.

"Forest Snowfall" by Country Cottage Needleworks was meant to be stitched as a SAL, but I think I will still be stitching this when all of the other SAL participants are finished! In case you are interested, the SAL is organized by Priscilla & Chelsea on Flosstube. You can find a link to their videos HERE. #pcforestsnowfall

 Just look at those colors, and that cute chart!! It will be stitched on 28-count "Winter Wishes" jobelan by Fabrics By Stephanie.

And last but not least, I am going to start another BIG project soon. It's Linen & Threads 2017 Mystery Sampler. Yes, it's the 2017 one.
It took me a long time to choose a color combination after I decided not to do it all in one color. Did I mention that is project is HUGE? I'll be stitching it along with Holly & Anita from the Flosstube channel of the same name.

Let's add to all of these the remainder of the Joyful World series by the Snowflower Diaries. I have.....let's see....9 of them left to stitch. I also want to stitch a coffee pattern to go with the tea one that I stitched for my kitchen. And that new Farmhouse Series by Little House Needleworks that's coming out this year. Yep, I've signed up for the auto-ship on that one. I'm sure that there are more that I haven't mentioned or discovered yet!

Have I bitten off more than I can chew? I don't think so because I don't really have any deadlines on any of my stitching projects. In fact, I'm pretty happy with this lineup. Throughout the year, I'll be updating you right here on my blog with all of the progress I've made.

In the meantime, please visit my Flosstube channel, CraftyCat Stitcher, and subscribe if you like my videos! You can also find me on Instagram under the name craftycat_stitcher.

Thanks for stopping by. Please come back and visit my blog and consider subscribing. Have a wonderful stitchy month.


  1. Looks great. I have most of the Frosty Forest patterns, still need to get a few before I can start it. I look forward to seeing your progress this year.

  2. Looking forward to watching your progress--both here and on Flosstube. Good luck stiching in 2018!

  3. Loved seeing all the wonderful projects you are working on Cathy! Hope you make great progress with them! Happy New Year to you! Christine x

  4. You have a great list of projects.
    I'm loving your progress on
    Christmas Sentiments, it's so pretty.
    Have fun with your projects!
    Happy New Year!

  5. You have some lovely projects! I really like Rainbow Row. I stitched Frosty Forest, finished it last year and really enjoyed it.

  6. Sounds like an awesome lineup of stitching for 2018! The Linen & Threads 2017 Mystery Sampler is gorgeous! All the ones I have seen stitched up are amazing works of art and the colors you have selected are going to look great together! I look forward to following your progress on everything during the year.

  7. I love your tulip project. And your colorway for the Linen and Threads sampler is nothing short of fantastic!! I'm going to go check out your flosstube now; not sure how I haven't been watching!

  8. It looks like a good variety of projects in 2018. Cheering you on!

  9. I've seen the Rainbow Row stitched up many time, being from SC. It really is worth the stitch time. I'm currently working on Forest Snowfall....slowly but surely. I'm also working on the L&T 2017 Mystery SAL. I started in 2017, but got behind. Need to get that back out! : ) Stitch on!

  10. Oh my! So many pretty WIPs going. They all look great.