Monday, May 29, 2017

May WIPocalypse!

I may be a day late with my WIPocalypse post, but you can expect the same awesomeness you've always experienced here at the CraftyCat blog! Ha ha! I had such a discombobulated day yesterday, starting with a huge downpour when I was supposed to get up and going. So I'm blaming it on the rain.

If you're not familiar with WIPocalypse, you can find more information about it on the Measi's Musings blog. Click HERE to get the details. Then you can go to Melissa's most current blog post to see what other bloggers are doing. It's a lot of fun to see what other stitchers are doing and watching their progress on their various projects.

I hope everyone had a good stitching month. My main project this month was my "June" from the Joyful World series by Snowflower Diaries. I am now very confident that I will have this done and framed so that I can display it in June! Or at least some of June. Congrats to me!

In fact, if I give myself enough time today to stitch, I know that I can get the stitching done on this. Did I tell you how much I love this series? I did? The charts are so thoughtfully done, with pretty details, and the color combinations are beautiful. You can find a link to the Facebook group (which contains all of the free charts!) right HERE. Just look in the photos section. And if you scroll down, you'll see other stitchers' work and finishing ideas.

I didn't pick up any of my other WIPs this month, but I do have another start! So let's add "Rainbow Row" to my WIP list! And, yes, I'm considering this a start even though I have only put a total of 5 stitches into it. That counts, right?
Look closely. See, it's a start!
It's being stitched on 32-count Jobelan and the fabric size is a lot larger than what I'm used to - about 13" high and 36" wide. I'm going to have to figure out how to "tame" the excess fabric while I'm working on a section. I don't use any kind of frames or q-snaps when I stitch. I either stitch in hand or with a hoop. I will be using a hoop for this, but what do I do with the fabric I'm not working on? Any ideas? All suggestions will be welcome!

Question Of The Month:  Which designer's projects do you absolutely love, but are too intimidated to try?
That's easy. It would have to be Heaven And Earth Designs. I've been seeing their designs up close since I helped out a friend in her LNS a while back. People would come in and show me their projects and to be honest, I always felt a little overwhelmed. But at the same time, I thought they were gorgeous. And I just saw THIS and was tempted for about five minutes. Wow. I still may be tempted.

Plans for June: I'll continue to work on some kind of rotation, even though my rotation style lately has been pretty wacky. My goal is to start another Joyful World month after completing "June". In doing a little organizing, I found some smalls that I've kitted up and have never started, so I may be introducing another start next month as well.

So that about sums up my month of May. I have to say that being in this group does inspire me to stitch more. Have a great June, everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see more of Rainbow Row, this will be so pretty.
    I too, love Heaven & Earth designs, but are intimidated because it's solid stitching!

  2. Love how your little bear is coming along Cathy. I too am very anxious to see how Rainbow Row looks when done. It is a big one but is going to be gorgeous! Well I'm embarrassed to say I bought five big Shepherd Bush kits when I was there last year (my husband kept saying you may never be here again ... get them if you like them). So what's a girl to do right? But they have stitches on them I have never heard of and because of the price of the kits I've been scared to start them. It's my goal for this year to get over the fear. RJ @stitching friends forever

  3. 5 stitches is definitely a start! It looks a pretty design. I feel exactly the same about HAED....I have one of their charts sitting in my stash, but am too scared to start it!

  4. Great May stitching Cathy! And yes, every stitch counts so yes 5 stitches counts and it is now a WIP! I have to agree about HaED, I have many in my stash just waiting for my nerves to say - ok start!

  5. Congrats to you on your cute little bear stitch, I want to see it framed! I don't attempt projects with solid stitching, I would never get them completed so Heaven and Earth are out of my league...Mary

  6. June is just too cute! And Rainbow Row looks like a lot of fun. I think the first few stitches are the hardest, but once it's started, it's just a wip, and wips are fun! :) To help tame your fabric, you could roll some of it up and put hair clips on it. Or, if you stitch two handed, you could just prop your hoop against your chest and drape the fabric over your arms. That usually works for me. :)

  7. Have you thought about scroll bars instead of a hoop to stitch your new project on? I get intimidated by The Victoria Sampler charts, I love their farms but there are so many specialty stitches.

  8. I love your progress on Joyful World. I am hoping to make that one of my WIPs for next year. I love each of the designs!

  9. Congratulations on the June finish! Perhaps you could roll and clip/pin the excess fabric.

  10. The Joyful World SAL turned out great. Don't you just love those monthlies? I haven't had time to stitch since I got back from vacation a month ago!

    I'd have to agree with you on the HAED's. I really like them, but they are just too time intensive for me. I've been working on a Chatelaine for 12 years!