Monday, March 27, 2017

WIPocalypse For March

Someone tell me please, where did March go? It seems like I just posted my WIPocalypse update for February, and here we are again. But I am very happy to be taking part in this WIPocalypse group, which you can find on the Measi's Musings blog.

It didn't help that I spent the last week sick. It started two Sundays ago and today is the first day I feel almost normal. Except for that bone-tired thing that stays with me for a while. March was also made a crazy month by having two big updates done to our house. I was glad they were getting done, but at the same time, I just want everything back to normal. The house is kind of a mess.

I did get my camera out yesterday and snapped a photo of each of the three projects I worked on this month. Let's start with Tulip's Praise.
I worked on the left section of this one a bit during March. It's a pretty big piece, and this picture doesn't really reflect the size accurately. But I do love it and am glad that it's actively in my rotation.

Next is Kaleidoscope. Now this is one that I can see a lot of progress happening on.
And it keeps getting prettier and prettier as I stitch. It's supposed to be made into a cushion when completed, but I'm thinking of framing it.

What about this little cutie?
I should be stitching a lot faster on this piece if I'm supposed to finish it before June! I really like these Joyful World charts from The Snowflower Diaries. I'm using the Gentle Arts threads recommended for these designs.

What helped me this month is that my stitch group had a stitch day AND a stitch retreat happen on two consecutive weekends. I did get a lot of stitching done during these fun stitchy events. That is good because I got absolutely no stitching in during the past week. But just the act of taking pictures of these projects yesterday made me want to pick up the needle again!

Now for the question of the month: What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?  If you look to the right side of my blog, you'll see that I follow a lot of different stitchy blogs. These blogs are fun to visit because I see what's new in the stitchy world, get ideas for what to stitch next (and oh, there are so many of those!), and just get inspired to sit down and stitch on my WIPs. I would say that inspiration is the main reason I look at blogs. I do belong to a couple of stitchy groups on Facebook and like them for the same reason. As for flosstubes, I'm kind of new to that world. I didn't even know they existed until about 4 months ago! The one is follow the most is Vonna's flosstube, The Twisted Stitcher. It's always interesting to see what she has to say and her tutorials are the best.

I think that's it for this month. As soon as I get all of the displaced junk out of my craft room, I plan to start a new gigantic project. I made some progress on it by buying the fabric for it. And that fabric is currently somewhere in my current household mess. Time to get to work!


  1. I really like Tulip's Praise, looks so pretty :)

  2. Love your WiPs, Cathy - such lovely, bright colours! I am new to watching Flosstube too. I really enjoy Vonna, Mischievous Stitcher and Night Owl Stitcher.

  3. Nice progress on all of your lovely projects Cathy.


  4. Your projects are all looking fabulous Cathy! I like following blogs for inspiration too.... the trouble is they give you too many ideas! LOL! I don't know what a flosstube is (showing my age!) Glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your week! Christine x

  5. Kaleidoscope is gorgeous, I love geometric designs and this one is so colorful!!

    I love following blogs for the same reason! FB is great because I can see so much new stuff while keeping in touch with my friends. I do not follow FT because I am scared I would waste even more time on the computer and get in less stitching time. LOL

  6. I think you made good progress on your WIPs during March. I really like the colors in the tulip piece. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Those tulips look gorgeous. Just perfect for stitching in spring. Nice progress on your other WIPs, too.