Friday, July 15, 2016

Where Bloggers Create 2016

I'm really happy to be participating in the Where Bloggers Create event for 2016. Thank you to Karen at My Desert Cottage for organizing this event.

Among the creative things I do are cross stitch, jewelry making, beadwork, sewing, and all kinds of miscellaneous crafting. I consider myself very lucky to have a designated space in my home that's just for working on projects and storing supplies. A small extra bedroom became my craft room as soon as we moved into this house seven years ago. It has evolved over the years, when I move things around and added things here and there.
This is what you see when you walk in.
I've worked on making my creative space as comfortable and organized as possible. Fun second-hand finds make up most of the furniture in here. Below is a bookcase that we bought for our son's room when he was young. Now it houses craft books, cross stitch charts and magazines, jars of important crafty items, and odds and ends.
Jars are recycled to hold buttons, wine corks, scrabble tiles, and other stuff. And that is indeed Mr. Peanut holding a lot of orts (cross stitch term for thread ends), which you might be wondering why I keep. I don't really know.
On the right in the picture below, you can see my armoire. This used to be a TV cabinet that I got a great deal on. Getting it home and into the craft room was another story. My husband and brother in law say that the only way it's leaving the room is through the window in pieces. I don't want to think about that. I like it too much!
Here's a look on the inside. Thanks to my husband, Mark, it now has extra shelves and a closed back. And it really does hold a lot. I keep cross stitch threads, miscellaneous craft supplies, and even a little tool kit in here.
On to the closet. This room has a standard bedroom closet in it, so we got rid of the hanging space and added extra shelving. Perfect for bins with ribbon, yarn, fabric, more cross stitch thread and fabric, paints, pine cones, and more. That thread holder makes me so happy. And I'm filling up a second one!
This bead cabinet is one of my few "new" purchases. It just is the best use of space for organizing beads and jewelry supplies. The little table to the right of it is an auction win and is my first chalk paint project.
This is what an organized bead drawer looks like. You should have seen how I used to "organize" them.
Let's go to my craft table. It's one of my favorite things in the room. I found a local furniture maker who makes rustic furniture and he made this simple piece. I like that it has two drawers that go almost the width of the table. You can see it in my first photo waaaaay at the top of this post.
Antique store metal three tiered display shelf.
Metal parts bin from a hardware store spray painted a copper color. Great for misc. items.

Also on my craft table are a couple of items that Mark made for me. He does lathe wood working and created this lamp and pencil holder.
Below is an old ladder display shelf that has seen better days, but it does a wonderful job of holding sewing baskets and boxes.
It's not wonky. That's just my photo taking.
There's a little seating area in the craft room. I'd wanted a comfy chair to sit in and stitch or do some beadwork and watch TV. Yes, there's a TV in the room. Don't laugh. Sometimes a little mindless television watching does wonders for the creative process. Anyway, the chair issue. The problem is that the doorway to this room is so narrow that many really comfy chairs are impossible to get in! This is the second one I've tried. It's ok, and it's cute, but not a chair you just want to sink into. Still on the lookout.
See that cushion? It's from a 1970's Avon kit and I embroidered it in, well, the 70's!
Here's one of my favorite projects from a while back - my fabric bulletin board! You can barely see it with all of the stuff on it, but take a look anyway.
Thank you so much for visiting my crafty space today. I appreciate it and welcome any comments, feedback, or suggestions you'd like to give. Please come back to visit my blog sometime and consider becoming a follower of CraftyCat! Now, I can't wait to see all of the fun creative spaces when I start my own visits to "Where Bloggers Create 2016".


  1. Nice fabric Bulletin Board! Inviting Creating Space in front of the window!

  2. Hi Cathy! I really enjoyed seeing your craft room! And I love seeing how others use their space! Your storage for me thinking! Love the ladder and sewing boxes! Your hutch to store so much is great! You really have fit a lot of goodies in there and yet it looks roomy! Really great job! Hugs! Doni

  3. I love your craft room and the way you have it all set up and organized. We have a third bedroom that I took over. I call it my sewing room as that is where I go to do my cross stitching or knitting. I have a tv in there as well and it's comfy and cozy.

  4. I am impressed you could fit a chair in your art space! I haven't managed to do more than a task chair, but on the upside if I want to curl up and watch videos or blog on my computer there are couches throughout the house... Thanks for sharing your lovely space!

  5. I love your craft room Cathy. Its awesome.


  6. I have often Created in front of the TV, among other places... I agree, you just never know where the best locations will be for a particular Project in the making! Thank you for sharing your Creative Sanctuary and hoping you find that perfect sinking into Chair for your space! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. I loved visiting your space here. I see you have a metal revolving storage bin. I had the same thing, but tweeked mine differently. It has been very useful in the craft studio. Thanks for sharing your space with us all!

  8. Love your craft space.
    It's so bright and organized.

  9. Hi Cathy! I so enjoyed my visit to your blog and it was truly a delight to see your studio. I just love the metal revolving bin :)

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  10. Fabulous creative space that you have, Cathy! I would love to see a close up shot of your table. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. A wonderful use of space! I love that you combined loved items and found good uses for them. I too have a TV connection in my room. Quite right that it helps with creativity! Hugs!

  12. So organized! The bead storage, well, I'd just love to see all the drawers open to check out your stash, how fun is that??!! Love the thread holder as well! Such a great space! Happy Creating, Cindy

  13. So pretty! I love the metal parts bin and the jars filled with crafty goodness.

  14. What a wonderful craft space you have! And so organized too :)

  15. So many good ideas here. I love the sunny window.

  16. Hi Cathy!!! Love your studio!! I have also furnished my studio was mostly second hand finds. It makes for a more unique space and more cost effective too! Yours is lovely and I am so glad you joined the party!! There was lots of great inspiration here!!

  17. I love all the wonderful different pieces you have in your studio. I have mostly IKEA furniture, and while it is cost effective and holds a lot, it is very sterile looking. I like the idea of collecting pieces over time and putting them all together, it feels more like a studio! I have the same metal spinner from the hardware store. May I ask you a question? Did you spray paint it before you put it together? I want to change the color of mine, but it was so much work to put together the only way I am doing it is without taking it apart. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much for the tour of your lovely space.

    1. My storage bin was already put together, but my husband (who is a better painter than me),took it apart to paint it. He said that was the best way to get an even coat on all of the parts. I know,what a pain, but it does look good.

  18. Hi Cathy, what a great space you have created! You have so many wonderful organizational pieces. Yes, let's not cut that armoire up! lol! Can't believe all of those fabulous beads!

  19. Hello Cathy, what a beautiful organized craft room!
    Love your converted TV cabinet, what a great idea putting extra shelves in it, it looks fabulous!
    Always a joy coming over for a visit and taking a peek at your newest creations!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Cathy,
    You are so incredibly organized!! Hats off to you!! Love all your storage ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  21. Enjoyed seeing your room-thanks for sharing. I'm getting motivated to get my room back in "working order."

  22. You have a lovely creative space, Cathy! I adore that little table that you chalk-painted. I did a lot of embroidery and cross & crewel work when I was younger, but I think my eyes are too tired for that kind of work now...I really do miss it, though!

    Thank you so much for visiting my "Happy Space" and leaving a sweet comment! Carol

  23. hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. I see we have lots in common. I also have used the rotating organizer, just configured mine a little bit differently. I think we are kindred spirits!

  24. I'm so sorry that Your comment on My post got left behind and unanswered.I'm not sure how it happened.I love Your room, it reminds Me of My own.I love retreating in it to recharge and relax with My art.So nice sitting with You in Your room for a visit-Denise

  25. Cathy-- your room is so perfect!! I'm totally in love with your desk by the window-- that's my dream!! I love the way you have everything so organized.. You've created such a perfect space to create. Thanks for these awesome photos:)

  26. You have such a beautiful and well organized space. Love it! Hugs, Autumn