Saturday, June 18, 2016

Want To Stitch For A Good Cause?

A Facebook group called Rainbows For Peace And Comfort has been started.  The goal of the group is to stitch enough squares to complete two quilts and numerous banners for the victims, survivors, responders, and others involved in the Orlando tragedy that happened last Sunday. 

To find the group, please go to:

It is a closed group, so you'll have to join.  To find out what the group intends to do, go to "Files" and then click on "Quilts And Items Being Made".  To get more info on the stitched square specifics, click on "Square Guidelines".  Also in "Files" is the Sign Up List, where you can edit the document by listing your name and what you'd like to stitch.

One chart in particular is called "Rainbow Butterfly" and can be found on Etsy HERE for $3.97. This will be a recurring square in all of the projects so many are needed to be stitched.  If you decide to stitch one of these, please use the colors recommended by the group - 321, 720, 444, 700, 995, 208, and black or white for the body depending whether you're stitching on black or white fabric.
Here's mine so far.
Other designs and motifs can be stitched too.  There are a few additional designs in the Files section, plus you can stitch an appropriate chart you already may have - something like hearts, peace signs, doves, butterflies, etc. - as long as the finished stitching fits into the square guidelines.

Do you only have time to stitch one square?  That's great!  All help is welcome!  Can you stitch two, or three, or even 4?  That would be wonderful too! 

As I write this, there are 179 members.  That is amazing, but more are needed and appreciated.  Do you have questions?  You can post them to the group.  There are a lot of helpful people there. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please consider stitching a square for this worthwhile project.

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