Monday, August 17, 2015

A Cure For A Stitching Slump

For me, stitching is usually an all-year-round pastime.  But for some reason, I could not get into cross-stitch this summer.  Who knows why.  (Maybe it had something to do with all of those books on my library request list coming in rapid-fire twos and threes.)  I happily attended my stitch group's Stitch Days in July and August, where I did a little stitching.  I finished an ornament.  And looking at new cross stitch patterns online was something I enjoyed, but none of these things inspired me to pick up needle and thread all summer.

Even though I love all of my works in progress, I felt that a new project was needed to kick me out of this slump!  What better thing than starting something new, right?

And I knew the exact one I had in mind:  Kaleidoscope by Sheena Rogers Designs.  It's part of her mini cushion collection and is just beautiful.  And most importantly, it was already in my stash!
Admittedly, I don't stitch at top speed.  In fact, I am a slow stitcher.  There.  I admitted it.  But just look!  You can already see the design forming.  I just love this design and the colors in it.  When I first started seeing Sheena Rogers' designs on Facebook, I thought they looked familiar.  Then I remembered why!  When we were in London in '09, we went to this gigantic bookstore and I bought a book of her designs!  So maybe I just need to get more of those done. 

So a tiny project was all I needed to get back into stitching.  Happy solution!

It's now time for Other Peoples' Creations!
At our August Stitch Day, fellow Sister in Stitches, Thea, brought some finishes she had completed.
We'd seen the finished stitching and now she presented the completions, all in a patriotic theme.
Just look at the creative ways that Thea finished all of her stitching!  Wall hangings, ornaments, pillows, and a door hanger with flowers!  And I'm pretty sure that Thea used fabrics, trims, etc. that were already in her stash to complete all of these.  Lots of ooh's and ahhh's for these!  Aren't they pretty?!
A closer look.
The door hanger has a handle to go over the doorknob.
And for something a little different, my sister, Sheila, has started to work with wire in her jewelry creations.
For the necklace, she used a purchased chain and added her bent wire and bead charms.  And the bracelet is made of her own wired sections with beads.  Try clicking on the photo for a closer look.

So there it is.  My return to stitching and being a better blogger!  Thank you for sticking with me and for all of your kind comments.  See you soon!  


  1. You picked a pretty piece to stitch for sure.

  2. I am the same when it comes to (on-coming) Xstitch slumps - starting a new wonderful project always does the trick for me! Of course that means I have PLENTY of WIPs in my stash, but who cares, right?!

  3. Hello Cathy! What a lovely project you have chosen to get you back into the stitching swing and some fabulous projects by Thea and your sister! :) x

  4. I am going to enjoy watching Kaleidoscope grow. It is very pretty. Thanks for the pics of the other people's creations. So pretty.

  5. Glad you're back blogging and stitching. that happens in all of us so no worries, do what makes you feel happy. Great progress on your new start, such a beautiful choice! Thanks for sharing these wonderful creations from talented ladies:)

  6. I get in slumps also. Usually a day spent with a stitching friend digging through their stash and chatting helps to light that fire. I went a whole year once with no stitching just wasn't feeling it. It is good to take some time off once in awhile.

    Glad to see you are back at it though. Have a great Tuesday

  7. Love the Kaleidoscope design. Will enjoy watching this one come to life. Your sister's jewelry is lovely!

  8. This stitch design is very pretty and your progress is wonderful. I love it and am off to see if I can find it!

  9. What a lovely project you began! Your sister's jewelry is fabulous. Thea's patriotic finishes are grand. Thank you for sharing!

    Robin in Virginia

  10. A new start is always good to start the stitching mojo again. You chose a very lovely piece.