Monday, April 13, 2015

Tiny Tassel Tutorial

When I was planning my February Pinterest-inspired project, one of my goals was to use things I already had in my craft room.  As it turned out, I had everything on hand except for a tassel.  The tassel was an important component for this project, as it's used for the closure.  I started thinking about it, and figured that I could probably make one myself.  So I did, using some weird silk floss I had.  And it turned out pretty well!  Then I made another sewing companion and created another cute tassel, this time using some cotton 6-strand floss.
These tassels can be used for closures, for zipper bag pulls or for an added touch when finishing a stitched Christmas ornament.  So why buy one when you can easily make one, right?

Here's all you have to do:
First, find some floss.  This is a great use for that miscellaneous floss that all of us stitchers seem to have.  What do you think of my Misc. Floss container?
Gather your supplies.  The size of the crochet hook doesn't matter because you're going to pull each stitch very tight as you chain.  Don't know how to make a crochet chain?  Click here for a video that shows you how.  Cut a piece of floss about 5 feet long to give you enough to work with.
I crocheted a cord about 6" long. 
IMPORTANT!  Don't cut anything yet!  Leave that tail as it is.  You'll need the tail to wrap and secure everything.
Look!  Now you can make a basic tassel. Yes, the above one is a bit wimpy looking, but you can use a lot more than 12 thread lengths in the tassel body. Also, try using different threads, like I did when I used the weird silk floss.  And how about using a combination of colors in a single tassel?  I made another one recently using Perle cotton.  Love it!
I hope these instructions will help you to create your own tassels that you can then use for a variety of projects!  Have fun!


  1. Hello Cathy! Thank you for sharing your tassel tutorial, both the tassels you made look lovely and this is a quick and simple method of making them! Have a lovely week! :) x

  2. Great tutorial - thank you! I'm curious though, how did you use the tassel as a closure?

    1. For a closure, I wrapped the cord of the tassel around a button. See the photo above of the blue and cream sewing companion.

  3. i so needed to see this. I haven't finished my DD's high school graduation sampler (she's 27 now) because I couldn't figure out how to make a tiny tassel. Thanks Cathy!

  4. Very nice, Cathy--thanks! (of course, first I need to learn to crochet :)

  5. Thank you for a brilliant tutorial - I am so going to try this!

  6. Such a cute tassel, hopefully I'll branch out into making little finishing objects! At least I can say I am accomplished in the crochet chain haha. :D Thanks!