Monday, January 12, 2015

Resolutions... Or Are They Merely Suggestions?

I'm not a big New Year's resolution-maker.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but a resolution is just a decision to do something, right?  If my memory serves me, then I've made resolutions in March and September.  And every other month of the year.  For some reason, though, the new year has me thinking up new ideas for stitching and crafting and they've kind of turned into Stitching and Crafting Resolutions.  Here are some of them:

**Finish some WIPs.  This is my #1 goal.  I only have about 5 WIPs.  Two of them are very small. 
                   Is this an attainable goal?  Yes!

**Stitch one Christmas ornament every month.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a dozen ornaments stitched by next Christmas?!  
                   Is this reasonably do-able?  I should probably change it to one every other month, and if I happen to stitch more, then Yay!

**Actually attempt some of the crafting ideas I've been saving on Pinterest.  I have a lot of craft-oriented pins -- what am I waiting for?  One per month?  
                   Is this a realistic goal?  Depends on the project.  

**Learn to crochet items that require something other than single crochet, and don't panic if the project is not rectangular or square.
                   Can it be done?  Of course.

**Attempt some new ornament finishing techniques.
                   Can I do this?  Yes.

**Organize the craft room.
                   Is this a realistic goal?  This one is an absolute necessity.  

That last one.  The craft room.  Lately I've misplaced several things, only to find them later in places that made no sense.  Sure, my craft room may look clean and relatively neat.  But stuffing items into boxes just to make the place look tidy is no solution.  I've got a great craft closet, but without some organization, I have no idea what's in those boxes until I open them and look.  So a lot of organizing  and some labeling is in order.  That will be a day of fun.  Ha ha.  I'm pretty sure that the end result will be worth it!

So what do you think of my list?  Am I going to stick to these resolutions?  I'm thinking of them more as suggestions for enriching my craftiness.   I like that -- "enriching my craftiness".  If I keep these in mind, I'll be likely to act on them and have fun in the process.  So let's see what happens in 2015.

Speaking of getting things done, here is my progress on the Summer Garden Pincushion.
That's right, ALL of the embroidery is finished!  I worked on it at Stitch Day last Saturday and finished it up yesterday.  Now to assemble the pincushion.  You can find all of the instructions for this project at the Fiberluscious blog

Now I'm off to get dinner into the crockpot and then enjoy the rest of this gray, typical January day working on some stitching. 


  1. Enriching your craftiness - what a great plan! Your pin cushion will be lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing your finish!

  2. Love, love, love these crafty resolutions. You have inspired me.

  3. Your pincushion is beautiful!! I keep meaning to start on that as well, but just haven't gotten to it. It will be fun to learn all those new stitches!!:)

  4. Beautiful finish and doable goals Cathy.


  5. I think all your resolutions/decisions/goals are achievable. Good luck with them!

    You pincushion is wonderful. It will look brilliant made up!

  6. Love the goals and the stitching!

  7. Your goals sound realistic and definitely doable, Cathy! I love that pretty pincushion of yours--such wonderful colors!

  8. They're ambitions to me! Resolution has too much of a "do it or fail at life" ring to me, haha. Your pincushion is beautiful; I look forward to seeing the final product. :D

  9. I like your list of crafty enrichment and I think it is very doable! Best wishes as you go about each one. Your pincushion top looks great.

    Robin in Virginia

  10. Your pincushion is gorgeous!
    Cheering you on to your goals!