Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ready For "Grow Your Blog"

The Grow Your Blog party for 2015 is coming up next Sunday, January 25th.  If you like blogs about everything in the creative world, then you'll almost certainly enjoy this!  The event is sponsored by Vicki at the blog, 2 Bags Full.  Here's what you do:
-On Sunday, January 25th, go to Vicki's blog.  Just click on this link.
-You'll find the list of participating bloggers sorted by how many followers they have.
-Begin visiting blogs!  You will definitely find blogs that interest you in the group of 400 participants.  Plus, a good number of bloggers offer giveaways in honor of the event.  I've been lucky enough to win a couple of beautiful handcrafted items created by bloggers during the Grow Your Blog party.  I also have begun following many blogs which I visit often!
-Maybe become a follower of some blogs.  Remember -- bloggers love followers!
-And just know that you don't have to visit all of the blogs on the 25th.  Vicki keeps the list up on her post so that you can visit at your leisure.  Have fun!

I will be participating in the Grow Your Blog party, so please pay a visit to the CraftyCat blog!  I've been busy during the past couple of days getting my giveaway prize ready for the event.  I'll post a photo the day of the party so it will be a surprise. 

Aside from that, I haven't worked toward any of my 2015 crafting goals.  At all.  I'm participating in a Valentine's Day exchange and have been working on that.  I'm not sure if the recipient of my exchange gift reads my blog, so I'll just show you a little bit of my progress.
There.  Just a little hint of what I'm doing.  And it doesn't give the finished project away.  What will it be?  You and my exchange recipient will just have to wait a little longer. 

So get ready for the Grow Your Blog party!  Have some fun visiting creative blogs from around the world.  I hope to see you there!

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