Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Bloggers Create Party!

As part of the Where Bloggers Create event hosted by Karen at My Desert Cottage, I'd like to welcome you to my craft room.  When I saw this event taking place last year, I knew that I wanted to participate in the next one! 

My craft room isn't the biggest or fanciest place, but it makes me immensely happy.  It gets bright morning sun, which lights up the creamy white walls (which I painted all by myself!).
Most of the furniture in my craft room is second-hand.  From the pine bookcase from my son's childhood room, to the armoire I found at a great price at a local used furniture store, they're all used to the fullest.
Wonderful storage piece!

My husband Mark added an extra shelf and a back.
Cross stitch, sewing and beading keep me busy, and all three of these require good organization or I'd never know where anything is.  You think I'm kidding.  I also like to do some miscellaneous crafts like cardmaking, jewelry making, and dimensional jewelry pieces (Ice Resin type).

Cross stitch charts and magazines are stored in magazine holders.
My favorite piece of furniture in my craft room is the craft table which was built by a local furniture maker.  I asked for a tabletop that was not perfect so that I wouldn't feel bad about scratches, etc.  Because scratches and gouges WOULD eventually happen!  So he made it with a rustic, "used-look" top.  He also added two large, but shallow drawers.
A peek inside a drawer.  A few bathroom organizers from Bed Bath & Beyond keep everything handy.
Mark made the closet a lot more functional by installing shelves straight across.  Works perfectly for me and provides tons of storage for all of my "necessities".
The closet in a relatively neat state.  

More storage.
Of course, aside from all of the practical issues of organization, I believe that we crafters need to be surrounded by things that we think are pretty, things that just make us happy, and our collections.
Comfy sitting area.  The storage unit on the left holds beads and supplies.
How fun is it to go around to various crafters' blogs and see what their craft rooms look like!  I've gotten some great ideas for decorating and organization of materials.  Just seeing what is on the walls and on the shelves of these spaces can be enough to inspire you to create!  Thank you for visiting my blog and craft room.  Please consider becoming a follower of my blog.  As soon as I reach 200 followers, I will be having a little drawing to celebrate!


  1. What a wonderfully organized craft room! Mine is a disaster at the moment.

  2. Wow! What a cosy room! You look very well organized :)

  3. I enjoyed seeing your fantastic craft room Cathy. Looks great.


  4. Your room is lovely! I might steal your idea of putting the little scissors in a glass flower frog. I love those myself and always wonder just what to do with them besides using them for flowers! Thank you for the tour!

  5. Cathy your room is wonderful and love hearing that is makes you happy. Being in a place that makes up feel that way is soo important! Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing it with us!!!

  6. You have a very nice craft room! I enjoy touring others craft room. I know how much I treasure the one I now have.
    Happy Stitching

  7. Your space is great. I love your repurpose storage idea. The scissor holder is really pretty. My space is thrifty like yours. But I am still looking for an armoire! I linked my 'little closet space." Come see me. I loved visiting. I'll be back.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely space. Maybe I will get brave and join in next time.

  9. Cathy- you have a lovely place to craft your heart away! How wonderful that you get the morning sun- that makes me happy in my craft room also.

    I love your wonderfully organized closet storage-- I'm jealous actually. Everything looks so very pretty:)


  10. You've put together a lovely space, Cathy, and you know you've accomplished that when you are happy in it! Love your storage pieces. The shelves in your closet are just perfect. I often wish I had just a little more wall space to go around with another section of shelving in my room. Of course, I'd probably just fill it up very quickly and be whining for more!

  11. Great storage cabinets - love the ladder.

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving kind words.

  12. I SO agree with you about a creative place needing things in it to inspire & delight us ~

    Love how you used the glass frog for a scissor holder!

    Thanks for showing us around ~

  13. What a pretty room and so much wonderful storage! Do you think I should show my husband this and say, "See, seeeee?! I need more!" :D

    You are infinitely more organized than I could ever hope to be. And second-hand furniture is the best anyway; there's more character.

  14. Nice space to create in. I am getting lots of ideas for my space too. I enjoyed my tour. I am Janet of Graceful Rose and I am now following your blog.

  15. What a wonderful space! I love your sitting area ♥

  16. What a lovely space! I love the idea of that ladder so fun!

  17. What a lovely and welcoming creative space you have, Cathy. I love the use of the armoire, and your table facing the window. So inspiring.
    Thank you for stopping by the "imaginatory." ;)

  18. You have organized everything for easy hunting.

    I think that makes creativity flow so much better.

    Make something fun today!

  19. Wow! That armoire is fantastic - what a great way to store (and hide) your supplies. Yes, I can see why you'd be happy to craft in such a nice room!

  20. Cathy: I love your creative space! It is so neat and organized and yet is has a heart. I love how you have fun keepsakes in with the supplies. I think I just became your 200th follower! :-)

  21. You have a lovely space with a pretty garden view, Cathy. I love your basket collection and the four-tiered organizer on your desk, sigh. Thank you for sharing your craft room!

  22. Hi Cathy, what a great creative space! Your desk in front a large window is just perfect and your armoire is just to die for!
    Thanks for stopping by "My Paper Daisy" and your kind comment!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful space!