Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Makeover For An Auction Win

A visit several weeks ago to a quirky local auction house yielded a few funky finds.  My favorite of those was a little bench with a padded top.  When I saw it I knew that it would be a good project for me, and decided to bid on it.  So I put my top bid firmly in my head (not one to get carried away, I'm very good at stopping my bidding at my max. point), and was surprised when I got it for way less!
Yes, it is a little beat up, and that cushion has seen better days.  But that is exactly what makes this the most excellent makeover candidate.

I got out the can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and gave it another go.  I did not have the easiest time using this paint when I was re-doing my little table, but I'm pretty sure that was because I was expecting a perfectly painted surface.  Now having learned my lesson, this project was easier. 

With that in mind, I started painting.  The paint went on pretty well, and as soon as I remembered that the little imperfections were part of the charm, all was well.  A few coats later along with the wax finish, I had a little painted bench.  I found some cute fabric at Joann's for the bargain price of $5.50 and it turned out to be a pretty complement for my painting project.
The result is a sweet little accent piece.
The most important thing is that it's Ozzy-approved.  That's what really counts.


  1. Awesome repurpose! I love doing thing like that. Your work looks like a pros!

  2. Cat approval is important in our house too! Your redo looks lovely. :D

  3. It looks somewhat like an old piano bench. It looks lovely now.

  4. Ozzy approval is all you need--Cats are the best judges

  5. Awesome makeover! I have so many projects I WANT to paint! Aren't cats funny! We have a chair (paint project) that Cowboy didn't want to bring when we moved. But it is the cats chair! Thanks for coming by today. I can use any pointers on teaching you can pass on! Hope you enjoy your weekend!