Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Something New In The Floss World

As stitchers, we all love new products that will make our stitching more enjoyable.  I was checking on what was new on Ebay one day (there's always something new there, right?), and I ran across Garibaldi's Over-Dyed 6 strand cotton floss.  What?  Floss that I didn't know about?  I placed a bid and pretty soon was the owner of a collection of lovely jewel-toned floss skeins. 
The colors are beautiful, nicely variegated, and the thread itself is soft and silky.  Then I put the new floss to the test.  I decided to stitch my last quilt square for the Sandy Hook project totally in Garibaldi Floss.  The red tones were perfect for the little heart freebie I wanted to stitch for this square.   In addition, I was stitching on some of the stiffest, scratchiest Aida cloth there is.  Talk about the ultimate test for a floss.
Turned out pretty well, didn't it?  See the subtle shading variations?  The thread was easy to work with, and I noticed that I didn't have as many thread knots or tangles as I did on my previous square.  Coverage was very good too (I used 2 strands).

The only drawback that I can see is that the floss isn't numbered or named, so it wouldn't be appropriate for a project where 2 or more skeins of the same color are needed.  But for small projects or a small area on a large project, Garibaldi floss would work very well.

Garibaldi's is a small company and doesn't have a website yet, but Shawn, the owner of the business and creator of this pretty floss, says that a website is a future goal for easy choosing and ordering floss.  Her floss is currently available on Ebay, where there are quite a few auctions for collections of different shades.  So go and get yourself some!  And while you're there check out their rayon floss too.  I am so bossy.

I'll be taking along some of the Garibaldi's floss on the Sisters In Stitches upcoming retreat.  And if my fellow Sisters are nice to me, they might just get some of their very own. 


  1. Those colors look gorgeous! Thanks for passing this find along!

  2. Oh my goodness Cathy! The floss certainly is beautiful. I love hand died floss so much. Love the heart you stitched up as well. Now I was told to check this all out at e-bay, so need to go! LOL
    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  3. Great floss find on ebay, Cathy. :D That heart turned out beautifully! :D

  4. Lovely colours, and the shading looks nice and subtle: the heart is gorgeous

  5. Wonderful colors and the heart is so lovely!

  6. Thanks for the tip about the new over-dyed floss! It looks wonderful and your Sandy Hook quilt square is beautiful!