Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Stitching Retreat!

Where have I been lately?  Not here, that's for sure.  After I completed all of my quilt squares I found myself with very little to stitch.  Which is a ridiculous statement if you've ever seen my stash of charts.  So I didn't stitch for a while, and instead chose to work on other projects and speed-read a couple of books.  But mainly I wanted to get a couple of new starts ready for our first Sisters In Stiches retreat!

Our very first retreat was held last weekend at James H. (Sloppy) Floyd State Park in Summerville, GA. We arrived on Friday afternoon in good spirits to find a couple of cute cabins that would be the site of our weekend stitching getaway.
Even though the day was gray (and the weather would stay that way for the rest of the weekend), no one seemed to care because we were here to stitch!  Although it would have been nice to have a little sun and warmth in order to enjoy a walk by the lake.  
The cabins were comfy and well stocked with kitchen supplies to help us to fix our meals.  We all signed up for a meal during our stay, and each one was delicious!  Not to mention the yummy snacky stuff everyone brought and wonderful desserts made by Peggy.
Peggy brought a basket of Easter treats
We also had a sweet little mascot for our retreat weekend.  Peggy's dog, Molly, was a well-behaved and welcome guest, and will be a part of our future retreats.
Oh yes!  We did stitch!  This post is already so photo-heavy so I will feature our stitching on a future post. 

All in all, our first retreat was an overwhelming success.  We commented several times during the weekend about how well organized and planned (thank you, Thea!) our weekend was.  How could we go wrong?  Lots of stitching, good food, plenty of conversation featuring interesting subjects, and good friends add up to a wonderful time.  We're already planning a fall retreat!
Sisters In Stitches (minus me). 


  1. Your retreat looks like so much fun! What a great weekend for 8 stitchy friends!

  2. oh how fun you all got together. I love the cabin too! You were all up there in the mountains, I had to look it up on the map :) Molly looks like a great stitching dog too !

  3. Ohh what fun!! It sure is a joy getting together with good friends. What a beautiful setting for some serious stritching :)

    Thank for sharing!