Monday, October 1, 2012

Blog Hop Time: Must-Have Stitching Tools

The Blog Hop Question today is:

What are your must-have stitching tools and aides? Other than your trusty scissors, of course. Is there a problem you have had when stitching that you created your own solution for, or have you purchased a tool that helped?

I started off this post thinking "There's not a lot that I need for stitching.  Just fabric, floss, a chart and a needle."  Then I thought some more and realized that I do indeed use many tools to make stitching the fun experience that it should be.  For example, while stitching on black fabric as I'm doing right now, my Clover tweezers and sticky roller are the most helpful implements!  Guess why.  Yes, because of my dear cats and their ever present flying fur.  Black fabric is just the biggest magnet for cat hair!
Then there's my star detailer, which is so helpful for anchoring a tiny thread-end securely and neatly.  Great invention.  An Ott light is a big help when my eyes are tired, though I don't use one all of the time.  And I might be in the minority here, but I love my hoops, especially Darice tension hoops.

Because I'm a fan of scissors, I love the scissors holder that my husband, Mark, made for me.  It keeps my scissors at the ready and also protects the tips.  He's also made these for several of my stitching friends.  This is the one that I keep by my side, with my Gingher Emily scissors resting inside.
Zippered project bags are another thing that helps me with my favorite hobby.  They keep my stitching clean and organized. 

So, yes, I do require quite a few stitching tools!  Anything to make an enjoyable pastime even more enjoyable!

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  1. Oh! The scissor holder is awesome!! What a talented hubby!!

  2. I really like scissor holder. I don't have cats, but the lint roller is ingenius!

  3. The lint roller is a great idea! I have some black fabric waiting to be used but now I have to think of cat hairs all over it, lol!

  4. I love the scissor holder! I been wanting a star detailer, it's on my "to-get" list.