Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blog Hop #10 - Love/Hate Thread Relationship

The answer to the latest Blog Hop question came to me very quickly.

What’s your absolute least-favorite thread to work with? 

But I really hate to say it.  It's a lovely product.  The colors are rich and beautiful and using this thread adds a special touch to stitching.   OK, here goes.  Don't hate me.  It's metallic thread!  Any kind, any brand!  It lures me in with its beauty, but then gets me so mad with its fraying and bunching up.  Ugh.  I've tried all of the suggested methods for making this stuff easier to use, but to no avail.  From shorter lengths, to Thread Heaven (which helps me enormously with other threads), to using a certain kind of needle.  None of it has worked well for me.  Yet, when used successfully, these threads look so pretty in the finished product.  I am open to any and all suggestions not mentioned above which will help me overcome my disdain for metallic thread.

Many thanks to Loretta for bringing up questions such as this one.  I can see how it can benefit our stitching community to voice our stitching problems and frustrations and possibly get advice on what to do to make our stitching woes go away!

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  1. I know quite a few stitchers that avoid stitching with metallic threads. I love them, but they can sure be frustrating to work with sometimes.

  2. I also listed metallic threads. I can't stand them, but I love the finished result.

  3. I don't mind metallics. I just use shorter lengths. Yes, it frays. You could put a tiny-tiny (tiny!) bit of superglue on the end and let it dry to keep it from fraying. Other than that, I don't know what else advice to give.

  4. Yeah... I hate metallics too. I've taken to looping the tail around the needle of the eye.... in other words I thread it twice and keep a really short tail. Less than 1/2 and inch. Stops it from fraying and works wonders for me. :)

  5. LOL, I think we all have a love/hate relationship with metallics. I love the look, but hate all the cursing they cause me while stitching them.