Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Flock Of Bunnies...Or Is It A Herd...?

Bunny is ready for his closeup.
Easter is the holiday I get to have at my house each year.  That's good because I like Easter and the beauty of the new spring.  I'm making our Easter dinner special with a menu featuring a couple of Polish dishes from our childhoods.  So I thought our table should look pretty too, and then remembered some instructions for cool folded napkins that I saw last year but never got around to making them.  Here's what I came up with.  You can quit laughing any time now.  I think they're cute.  Each place setting will have a little bunny napkin. They actually only took under two minutes each to create.  Adorable, no?  Instructions can be found here.  Mine lean forward a bit, but still stand up ok.  I didn't use the brand of napkin that sponsored the instructions, but any kind of nice paper dinner napkin will do.  You know, the kind of thick big quality ones, and they should be square when totally unfolded. You can probably even use cloth napkins.

So when you stop snickering, get to work!  Delight all of your guests with your paper-folding talent! 

Have a very Happy Easter!


  1. Your napkins are so adorable! I will have to have a go myself now!
    Happy Easter!!

  2. Oh they're ADORABLE! What Polish food will you be serving? We had zurek this morning and makowiec for dessert.

    1. We had pierogi and polish sausage, Ewa. I will have to look up zurek and makowiec to see what they are! I might have had these dishes at one point, but don't remember what they are! I hope you had a good Easter!

  3. Oh how cute, What a great idea... Wish i would saw this yesterday, but im pretty sure i can make an excuse to have a napkin bunny for my desk at work hehe.

  4. Love all your Easter ideas! Sweet!!!