Friday, April 21, 2017

Crafty Dry Spell

Talk about a crafting dry spell. I've been in one that has lasted about a month. Ugh. Why does this happen? Anyway, I'm thinking that the way to get myself out of this dry spell is to do a little post and then look around the blogs I follow for some inspiration.

One thing I haven't posted about is the little gift I made for the stitchers at our retreat.
They can be used as key rings or scissor fobs. I bought the supplies on Etsy from the shop "PrettyCharmed" and they can also be found on Amazon and other places. Just search for "pendant trays". The kits I bought had the trays, the glass, and the key rings. The instructions for making them can be found on Youtube. There are a lot of instructional videos and the steps vary a bit from video to video.

I had a close-up photo of floss in varied colors and I just Photoshopped "SIS 2017" in different areas of the photo. (SIS for "Sisters In Stitches). Now here's where a potential problem can occur. I have an ink jet printer and the ink will run when the glaze (I used Diamond Glaze) touches it. So I had to get a product called Microglaze and apply it to the paper after it was printed. It worked pretty well, but I still had some color bleeding. My advice is to use a laser printer OR to use pre-printed scrapbook paper for your pendant tray. But they did turn out pretty cute and were appreciated by everyone!

And now we'll got to "Other People's Creations". 

Last weekend was Easter and someone got a little creative. OK, I'll admit that it was Mark, my husband, who decorated this. We had a lot to do on Easter morning, so while I made deviled eggs, he got out the frosting and coconut and went to work. Just a fun Easter tradition in our family.
Look at what Steph made for a fundraiser auction that was held by the band that Matt plays in.
Isn't it pretty? Steph does beautiful work, and whoever won this received a beautiful shawl.

Sheila is quickly becoming a master wire worker.
She did all of the wire wrapping in this beautiful necklace! Love her choice of colors too.

So I'm glad that other talented people got crafty recently so that I could show you something fun and interesting! But have no fear, I'll get back to it soon!


  1. Beautiful projects Cathy. Love the cake.


  2. Hope you finding your crafty enthusiasm back soon.... I love seeing your makes! Have a nice weekend! Christine x

  3. Hope your crafty bug come back soon!! The cake looks amazing!

  4. The fobs are a great idea.
    Oh, that Lamb cake reminds me so much of my Mom. She used to make that every Easter, she even colored the coconut for the grass.

  5. What a great idea for the scissor fobs! Your lamb cake looks fabulous; I bet it tasted just as good as it looked. I hope your crafting mojo returns soon.

  6. What cute little fobs you made! All the crafty stuff looks great. That shawl is a beauty.