Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saying Goodbye To Little Ozzy

We've had a very sad week.  Last Friday night, our little Ozzy cat became very ill.  He'd had some health problems in the past 6 months, but had seemed to be doing better under his vet's care.  But last week, he just didn't seem like himself and when he refused to eat his dinner on Friday evening, we knew something was wrong.  When his breathing appeared to become labored, we took him to the emergency vet where they gave us some very sad news and we knew that we would have to say goodbye to Ozzy.  He was 14 years old.
We adopted Ozzy as a tiny kitten from our local animal shelter.  He proved to be a good companion to Cosmo, even though they didn't always see eye-to-eye.  Ozzy could be a troublemaker at times.  He loved to eat.....almost anything.  I had to keep things put away like I would if a toddler was in the house.  He could "hear" food from the farthest corner of the house.  One time, when he was a kitten, I caught him climbing some mini blinds.  In his early years, it wasn't uncommon to come home to find him on top of our 6 foot high TV cabinet.  So as you can see, he was the little clown cat of the house.
Always looking for something to eat.

Cosmo and Ozzy
He loved boxes.
Even though we spent a lot of time shaking our heads at his antics, Ozzy was definitely an important part of our home.  Never a traditional lap cat like Cosmo, when he did choose to sit on one of our laps, we felt graced by his presence! 

Our other two cats, Cosmo and Moxie, have been spending quite a bit of time together, and are extra-clingy when I come home from work.  I really do think that they're missing Ozzy in their own ways.  We've now come to terms with his loss, and are sharing the silly and cute photos we have stored on our phones.  And laughing.  And enjoying our memories. 
Ozzy, 2002-2016

Thank you for listening.  Now go and give your own pets an extra hug.  I know I will.


  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Ozzy. A hard thing to say good by to them. Huggles and prayers.

  2. We hsd to say good bye to 2 orange tigers last year, Tom Cat and Solomon. I still miss them. I am sorry for your loss.

  3. So sorry to hear that sad news.... it is always a difficult time. I'm glad that you are remembering all the fun times! Hugs Christine x

  4. Sorry to hear about Ozzy.
    He sounds like a character.
    But you have great memories of him.
    Take care.

  5. I am sorry to read of Ozzy's passing. Thinking of you!