Friday, April 22, 2016

A Collection Of Collections

As I work on my secret project that I can't show you yet, I thought I'd break from the craftiness and show off some of my collections.  I was reading some of my favorite blogs, and came across this post from the blog Dirty Martini Queen's Musings.  I enjoyed reading about and seeing pictures of her collections so much that I decided to do a similar post. 

Recently I was reading a book in which one of the characters pretty much said that collections are for nerds.  Huh.  So thinking that something is so pretty, fun, or interesting that you want to acquire a bunch of them is geeky?  Oh well, then that makes me one because I have a few collections that I'm enthusiastic about.

My oldest collection is one of miniatures.  I started collecting these years ago, way back into my childhood. 
Some were gifts, some were picked up on vacation.  There are a lot of Red Rose Tea figurines and stuff I got at antique stores.
Yes, I even have the Crown Jewels.

As many of you know, I love beads.  I used to go to an antique market where one of the vendors sold the best vintage beads.  Really cheap.  I put together quite a collection of these and keep them in a beehive-style jar.
One of my collections that I should do more research on is my group of Homer Laughlin custard cups. 
Yes, it's a tiny collection, but these aren't easy to find.  I found most of these at antique stores, and a couple of them are from Ebay.  It's a pretty happy find to see one of these sitting on a shelf in a vintage shop!

Another collection that goes way back to childhood is my collection of tins.  These are also very useful for the crafter as they make great little storage containers for anything small.
This isn't even all of them!
And what about scissors?  I have heard of other stitchers collecting embroidery scissors and have managed to amass a few myself.  I know that some people think this is nuts, but you've got to admit that they are pretty.  And useful.
Did you notice the empty flower frog just waiting for more scissors?
So that is my collection of collections.  Thank you for not laughing at me.  Or maybe you did.  The funny thing is that I'm not really actively collecting any of these things anymore.  At some point, the collection becomes either complete or enough.  Oh, I suppose that if I spied a Homer Laughlin custard cup somewhere, I'd gladly bring it into the fold.  Or possibly an interesting pair of scissors.  There IS that empty flower frog.....

I also have a collection of cross stitch charts, but that's another story for another day.


  1. Cathy, I am certainly not laughing at you at all - what great collections! I have never seen the custard cups before but they are very sweet. I, too, have collections - thimbles, teapots (and other china), tins (just like you) and books, books and more books plus, of course, the ubiquitous stash! Thank you so much for sharing. Great post.

  2. Awesome collection Cathy.


  3. No laughter here, I love your collections! I think I like the minis best. But oh, the tins and scissors!
    I've almost run out of room on my dragon shelf, but that's not stopping me!

  4. You have some great collections.
    Love that Beehive jar!

  5. I love your collections! The beads are really pretty.

  6. No laughing from my corner of Virginia! I enjoyed seeing your collections, Cathy. Thanks for sharing them with us! I really like that beehive jar. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. No laughing here either! I love your collections.... they are really beautiful! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  8. No laughing here...I just want to see these next time I'm over!

  9. I think your collections are great! Long live the nerds of the world. We just have to realize some people just don't get it (or get us!). As I was reading I thought, hmmm,I think all I collect is dust! I have miniatures too, nothing special but trinkets from my and my children's childhood; we all have tins but I have passed a lot along; and of course frogs and scissors! Oh and then there is my bear collection. When I was young my parents thought I should collect bears. I have way too many, some special and some not so special but cuddly all the same. Looking forward to seeing more.

  10. Cool! I wish I had treated my tins with the same care as a kid. You were much more careful with your things!