Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Very Grumpy Christmas

I can finally post about a gift finish that I stitched.  Yes, it's Grumpy Cat, all ready for Christmas.  Just look at him.  Even the joyous Christmas season can't get a smile out of this guy.  He does look cute though.  I stitched him for a fellow stitcher who was having some surgery.  I'm happy to say that the surgery was a success and my stitcher friend was delighted with Grumpy!
The chart is a freebie from Brooke's Books.  Just go to the "Freebies" button on the left.  It's stitched on 28-count Jobelan, completely with DMC.  I used stiff felt for the backing.  This was such a fun design to stitch, I may even make another one!


  1. Congrats on the adorable finish Cathy.


  2. He is cute...even if he is grumpy!

  3. So cute despite the grumpiness :)

  4. Eeee thank you for the grumpy freebie; she (yes, she's a she!) is so cute! Actually a lot of those freebies are adorable... you enabler... :D

    1. I just figured out that Grumpy Cat is a she! I don't know why I just assumed that Grumpy was a male. And yes, lots of great freebies there!

  5. Haha, he really looks grumpy, doesn't he?