Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bitten By The Beading Bug

I don't know when it started.  Maybe it was when I did my epic cleaning and organizing of the bead cabinet.  Or when I bought a bead magazine recently and discovered beads I had never heard of.  But I've been bitten by the beading bug.  The cross stitch hasn't exactly been put away.  It's more like I've been dividing my time between stitching and beading.  Or looking at beads and bead creations online.  I even took a little trip to my local bead store.  It's not that far away.  Why don't I visit it more often?

So during my online searching I found the pattern for the "Tila Temptation Bracelet".  The weave of this bracelet just appealed to me - simple yet pretty. 
I'll probably make more of this pattern because I like it so much.  It requires only three types of beads, some Fireline and a clasp.  I'd call this an intermediate/beginner project.  It can be completed in an evening.  If you feel inspired to make one, you can find the tutorial for this bracelet here.  Even though we haven't had a hint of autumn here in Georgia, I'm starting to think "fall" when choosing colors.  Look for more of my beaded projects in the coming months.

Now let's move on to a little segment I like to call "Other People's Creations".  If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you've seen this feature before.  I like to show you what other people create because I am not the only crafty person I know. 

First, here is my sister Sheila's Peyote Stitch project. 
Look how pretty that is.  Sheila has a knack for choosing good color combinations and it really shows in this bracelet.  I may have to make one of these.

And for a dose of crochet cuteness, here is our friend Sherry's recent creation.
How adorable is this?  Makes you want to go out and crochet some owls, doesn't it?  Of course, I'd have to learn how first because if you recall, my crochet skills are limited to rectangles and squares.  And maybe an occasional heart.  My plan is to increase my crochet knowledge in the near future.

We'll just have to put the cross stitch on the back burner for a while.  Both of the projects I'm working on are gifts, so no showing them off yet.  Thanks for stopping by!  Keep leaving the comments.  I appreciate each one!


  1. Beautiful bracelet, and your sister's is nice, too! I wish I could bead. I love bracelets. Nancy

  2. The colors in your bracelet are beautiful. Great projects all round:)

  3. Wonderful, your beaded bracelet. It must be very addictive as one of my stitching friends also was bitten by the beading bug and was doing more beading than stitching for quite a while, lol.

  4. Your bracelet and your friend's are both lovely. Well done.

  5. What a great looking bracelet you created! Way to go!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Your bracelet turned out lovely! I just got that same pattern last night and hope to do it soon.

    Love the owl!!

  7. Cathy your bracelets are beautiful! My mother use to do beading, but I never got into the hobby. My mind is swirling right now thinking of all the things you can make in so many colors! :-)

  8. I've become a big fan of bracelets the last few years. Love yours and can't wait to see more!! :D

  9. I've never worked with seed beads. They are so pretty! Love the owl!