Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Full Mailbox

My mailbox was a happy place one day last week when I received two Grow Your Blog giveaway wins!  Two in one day! 

First, I received this lovely pin from Asri at Asri's Beadwork.  Asri's blog is a wonderful, colorful place to visit and I'm glad I found it during the Grow Your Blog party. 
Just look at the beautiful work she does!  Please check out her blog to see more of her creations.

The next package I opened came all the way from Australia.  Kerrie sent me a pretty cross stitch chart, some floss and a package of needles.  Kerrie's blog, Channelbank Creations, contains a fascinating collection of sewing, gardening and cooking. 
I love both of these wins and thank Asri and Kerrie for offering these giveaways.  Once again, the Grow Your Blog event allowed me to visit new-to-me blogs and for other bloggers and non-bloggers to visit my blog and become followers.

Speaking of followers, my follower total is slowly climbing and getting nearer to that 200 mark.  Welcome to my new followers!  I will be having a 200 follower giveaway and have a nice prize planned.  Check back once in a while to see what the count is.  When it reaches 200, I'll announce the giveaway details.  Can't wait!


  1. Two lovely giveaway wins, congratulations

  2. A lovely mail delivery. So pleased you received my parcel. The beadwork is just beautiful - enjoy wearing ot!!