Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crafty Birthday To Me

Yes, the big day was yesterday and another year was bestowed on me.  Yippee!  I'm actually not too phased by the age number, but I'm sure that there will be a year when it will bother me greatly.  Until then, no big deal.

I'm lucky to be a member of a very small group on Facebook which celebrates birthdays with good wishes and gifts of floss.  In the age of e-cards and virtual birthday wishes, it's something special to get an actual card in the mail.  And even more fun when you find a skein of floss hiding in that card.  Here's what arrived in my mailbox throughout the month.

The perfect gift for a stitcher!

 I intended to stitch for a good part of the day, but got off track with a doctor appointment, errands, laundry, etc.  I did spend some time on my latest pendant and that is still a work in progress.

I did receive a wonderful gift from Stephanie, Matt's girlfriend.  Stephanie visited us before Christmas and I showed her how to crochet.  Now those of you who know me or have read my blog know that my crochet expertise is limited to single crochet and anything in the shape of a square or rectangle.  I recently learned how to crochet a cute little heart, but that was a project I did in February, so I was not able to impress Stephanie with this skill during her crochet lesson.  So I taught her the single crochet and I'm pleased to say that she ran with it.  So much so that she has learned new stitches and has far surpassed my crochet abilities!  And the result is this:

That's it for this post.  Blogger is acting really weird -- photos jumping all over the place and it's impossible to highlight words for a link.  So I'm leaving it at this and hopefully next time it'll be all back to normal.


  1. Happy Birthday. Lovely scarf:)

  2. Happy Birthday, Cathy - love the idea of your FB group. Let me know if they are ever looking for new members.

    Love the crocheting, too.

  3. Happy Birthday Cathy. How wonderful to get all the cards and floss. Stephanie did a great job.


  4. Happy Birthday Cathy! So glad you had a good day and those cards with floss in them are so cool!!!!!