Monday, November 26, 2012

A Surprise Finish

As in, I'm surprised that I actually finished something.  Ha ha.  I wanted to stitch a little something for Christmas and searched the stash for the perfect thing.  There I found "Peppermint Twist" by Little House Needleworks.  As I looked through my fabric supply, I found a bag with a label on it that said "ornament fabrics".  It's not my writing.  So apparently sometime in the past, I purchased an assortment of pretty fabrics in sizes suitable for ornaments.  Genius!  And here's what I accomplished.
A sweet little finish, if I may say so myself.  In my humble opinion, though, I don't think it needs the candy cane button.  Oh, it's a cute little button, but this pretty little design does all right by itself.  I'll sharpen my finishing skills and attempt to finish it in time to hang on this year's Christmas tree.

I'm also in the process of finishing "Joy" by LHN.  I've already stitched it, ahem, last year, but am now creating a door hanger out of it.  This one will be featured in a future post. 

I love this time of year.  The Christmas season, in many ways, begins on Thanksgiving.  We traveled over the river (not sure which one, but there was definitely a river) and through the woods to Hiawassee in the North Georgia Mountains.  What a wonderful day spent with family!  While walking one of the many dogs present that day, I noticed that the sun was shining on part of the mountains and lake and ran in to get my camera.  I think I captured the beauty of it.
Did I mention how thankful I am for my followers?  I blog for fun, so it's just icing on the cake to get new followers and receive such encouraging and fun comments.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. 

Don't forget to come back to see what I did with that door hanger! 


  1. It's beautiful, it was worth it to run for the camera. Congrats on the lovely finish!

  2. What a gorgeous photo and what an adorable finish! I love it! Sorry I haven't been commenting much but I just got all caught up on your posts - lovely finishes Cathy!

  3. Totally agree, I do not think the button is needed. It is perfect.

    Looking forward to your door hanger

  4. Love your finish! What a beautiful photo!

    When you get a chance, head on over to my blog and check out my latest post...I've mentioned you there :)

  5. Oh, what a beautiful stitch! It looks perfect on the fabric, too! I can't imagine where a button would even go on that so I think it's totally not needed as well! Save it for a fun embellishment on another piece. :D

    Lovely mountain scenery! Glad you scampered for the camera!

  6. LOVE your new finish!!!!! You are right...I like it better without the button. It is so exciting to have a finish and a Christmas finish to boot!!!! Congrats!!

  7. Such beautiful stitching and thank you for running for the camera. It was really worth it.

  8. I love your candy cane stitch! Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more!