Friday, July 20, 2012


Ha ha.  Get it?  I'm so clever.  What we're celebrating is another TUSAL, and it's just a reminder of how fast this year is flying.  To find out more about Daffycat's TUSAL, click here.  Mr. Peanut doesn't have much more than he did last month, but that's because most of my latest orts are in the thread bucket.  And if Mr. Peanut looks like he's leaning, it was just me maneuvering to get his good side.  He is an awesome ort jar.

I am getting close to 100 followers.  When I do reach 100, I will post about my cool giveaway drawing!  You don't want to miss it!


  1. Love Mr. Peanut - especially his top - hat. I am new to your blog. This year is going way too fast

  2. Hello Cathy!!! Sure do love MrPeanut... Will be following right along with you...

    And, thanks for stopping by my blog !! I want to see those finished finishes,...

    Always, Faye