Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Blog Hop Question

I am really enjoying these Blog Hops sponsored by Loretta at Stitching The Night Away.  This week we're asked if we use a stitching stand.  From what I've seen, the age old question asked many times by stitchers to other stitchers is:  Do you use a hoop, Q-Snaps, scroll bars or stitch in-hand?  And what I've learned is that there is no right or wrong answer to that question.  In my stitch group alone, there are several Q-Snap users, a few who stitch in-hand and a couple of hoop fans.

I've never tried to stitch using a floor stand for a couple of reasons.  I like my stitching to be portable, so I can pack it in my bag and go to our Stitch Day.  Secondly, my arms are kind of short, making using scroll bars or Q-Snaps very uncomfortable.  I've tried both and don't like the way I have to bend my wrist to use these.  Also, a floor stand would provide my cats with too much entertainment.  As in, "Let's see who can knock this down first!".  Then there would be evil cat laughs involved.

I'm a hoop girl through and through.  I just love them.  And no, they don't leave permanent ring marks in the fabric.  I especially like the Darice spring tension ones and own many in different sizes.

That said, I think floor stands are works of art themselves, so nicely crafted.  Several years ago, Mark and I were house hunting.  We looked at a house of a stitcher -- beautifully stitched pieces on every wall!  I think I looked at the stitching more than the house!  The house had a sunroom and that was where the owner did her stitching because there was a floor stand there with her current WIP in it.  That sunroom with the floor stand in it was, to me, the picture of serenity. 

But who knows, maybe some day I'll change my mind.  I just might need to try one of these out to see if it actually does suit me.  Until then it's me and my hoops.

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  1. LOL about the kitties.

    I think it is just like you said; there is no right or wrong way to stitch. It is all dependent on what makes you feel comfortable!

  2. I think if you found the right stand, it will make all the difference. Both of the lapstands I have are really portable. The Elan is small enough to fit in a tote bag when it's assembled flat. I wasn't a big fan of qsnaps (too bulky and heavy) until I put them on the Elan.

    1. Something to think about, Meari. I just really haven't had a chance to try one out. Maybe that's something I need to look into! Thanks.

  3. I'm picturing your cats having a bit of a field day with a floor stand right now ..... LOL

  4. I feel you about the cats! I have 7 and a new stand would be something they had to check out. LOL Right now they are trained to stay off my stitching tray...usually.